Sunday, November 15, 2009

You Talking to Me? by Guest Blogger Sue Ann Jaffarian

Sue Ann Jaffarian 1 When Riley asked me to guest blog on Mystery Lover’s Kitchen, my first response was: Who? Me? She told me I was welcome to share favorite recipes or recipes from my books. Again: Who? Me?

I was once considered a pretty good cook. Not a fancy cook, mind you, but definitely a good, homey cook. And being Armenian, I was also known amongst my friends for several Middle Eastern dishes. My baklava will make you swoon. My stuffed grape leaves are addictive. But that was before I was published. Once the books started coming out and my writing time was shared with promotional and marketing activities, and everything was shared with the time I spend at my day job as a paralegal in Los Angeles, decent cooking fell to the wayside.

With five released books and writing two different mystery series, my culinary expertise is now limited to whatever can be cooked or heated within ten minutes on my stove, in the microwave or on my George Foreman grill. A meal simmered in the crock pot is my idea of a big elaborate meal. I can’t even remember the last time I fired up my oven – seriously. I think it was about three years ago over Thanksgiving. And I am loathed to tell you how many restaurants I have on speed dial.

My idea of a gourmet meal is watching Top Chef while downing Taco Bell.

By the way, I am single. Big surprise, huh? If I were married, he’d have to be able to cook or starve, or learn to like the kibble I pour for the cats.

Now about those recipes…

Ghost_a_la_Mode Thumbnail In spite of the steaming apple pie adorning the cover of my latest book, Ghost à la Mode, or the title of my upcoming book, Corpse on the Cob, there is only one recipe in any of my books. It was published in The Curse of the Holy Pail, the second book in my Odelia Grey mystery series.


1. Wait until March;

2. Go to nearest supermarket;

3. Locate young girls in brown or green uniforms; they can be found in front of the store by a folding table, usually accompanied by a parental figure;

4. Purchase at least twelve boxes of Thin Mint cookies;

5. Place cookies in freezer, consuming no more than one box per month, preferably less;

6. Next March, repeat steps 1-5 above.

Thanks so much, Sue Ann, for visiting the Kitchen! Since I have a 3rd grader in one of those brown uniforms, I highly recommend Odelia’s favorite recipe! ~Riley

And remember--we're taking suggestions for a secret ingredient to cook with in January. It's not too early to send in your suggestions. And just for the holidays, this time the prize is a Junior's Cheesecake, delivered right to your door!

Yesterday we kicked off a week of Thanksgiving recipes here at Mystery Lovers' Kitchen. After a week of Thanksgiving goodies, you'll be ready for feasting!


  1. Great recipe, Odelia cooks like me. It's quick, easy and supportive of the community. Thanks ladies for introducing another interesting author.

  2. I have a similar recipe, Sue Ann, except mine calls for Samoas :)

  3. Sue Ann, if your books are half as funny as you are, they must be delightful! Love the cover of Ghost a la Mode.


  4. Sue Ann, thanks again for visiting the Kitchen today. And for promoting Brownie cookies! It's almost cookie time again...yay! (I'm partial to the peanut butter and chocolate ones.) :)


  5. You're welcome, Elizabeth. Thanks for asking. It was a lot of fun. I'm partial to the short bread cookies myself.

    And thanks to those of you who stopped by to say hello so early in the morning.

  6. Having worked with Sue Ann, and been the happy recipient of her baklava on pot luck days, I can verify that it was indeed swoon worthy!

  7. Still laughing....great post! (Dang, gotta get me some baklava girl scout cookies!)


  8. Odelia is a girl after my own heart! Too funny.
    Thanks for posting Sue Ann!