Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Congrats to our Photo Contest winners + new #giveaway + Fruit smoothie w/protein #recipe



The photo contest is complete and the tallies are in.  Rah, rah!

Thanks to one and all for participating. Hope you had fun. We did.
We wish we could tell each and every one of you in person much we appreciate you!

The winners for each category of the photo contest are:

  1. with a dog - Nancy S.  - good work trying to match the book cover!
  2. with a cat - Lorraine A. - look at the tongue :)
  3. having summer fun - Erica L. - what a wild ride.
  4. at a library - Jennifer M. - Velma is too cute.
  5. at a bookstore - Jana B. - way to go getting one for each author!


And now for our regularly scheduled program.


To cool you down on a hot summer day, try this easy-peasy fruit smoothie, packed with flavor and protein! Yep, protein. It's a great on-the-go meal for kids or adults.  Enjoy!

All you need...

Protein Smoothie

(serves 1-2)

½ cup milk
1-2 tablespoons protein powder
½ cup orange juice
½ cup Greek yogurt (plain or with fruit)
½ cup frozen blueberries
½ banana

Put the milk and protein powder into a blender. Then add the juice, yogurt, and fruit. Blend for 1 minute.  Pour into 1-2 glasses and serve.

The frozen blueberries act as “ice” so this is thick and creamy!

By the way, I use Aria protein powder. What it says about the contents online at Designer Protein is: 15g of premium natural, GMO-free whey and plant protein, plus Biotin and Vitamin C for healthy, youthful-looking skin, hair and nails. Contains Calcium, Vitamin D and Phosphorus for bone health, and Folate to help support cell and tissue growth.

I enjoy having protein in my smoothie because I feel “full” for quite a long time, like I really had a "meal."

I buy Aria at my local grocery store, so I would imagine you could ask yours for it if you don't see it on the shelves.

One little imbiber loved it!


I (Daryl) am giving away a book today - any of my published titles.  Simply tell me whether you entered a photo in our contest, whether you thought about entering one, whether you looked at the other entries, whether you thought it was too much work to enter a photo...
Or whether you have heard of my new series, the French Bistro Mysteries.
The first, A DEADLY ÉCLAIR comes out in November.

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Savor the mystery!

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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How to Make a #DairyFree Coffee Milkshake for #NationalCoffeeMilkShakeDay by Cleo Coyle

To celebrate National Coffee Milkshake Day (July 26th), I'm sharing an "old school" New York soda fountain milkshake known as an "egg cream," and showing you how easy it is to make a dairy-free version.

For those of you new to the drink, the traditional New York egg cream is a tasty, refreshingly fizzy mix of chocolate syrup, milk, and carbonated water. You read that right. There is neither egg nor cream in a New York egg cream. 

Many stories exist about its origin, but food historians generally believe the drink is a simplified (and more affordable) version of a soda fountain beverage from the late 1800s that did use eggs and cream along with chocolate syrup and carbonated water.

At one point, the cream was replaced with milk and the egg eliminated. By the 1920s, this simplified version was served throughout New York City. Vanilla egg creams arrived in the 1950s along with (yes) coffee flavored ones... 

Cleo's Coffeehouse 
Egg Cream

Cleo Coyle has a partner in
crime-writing—her husband.
Learn about their books
by clicking here and here.

These days, there aren’t many places to sample an authentic New York egg cream. The easiest place to find one is Junior’s restaurant in Times Square (click here to virtually visit). They even serve it in glasses with the recipe printed on them, but Junior's only serves the chocolate version. 

My husband Marc and I are fond of (no surprise) coffee egg creams. There are many ways to make them with various ratios of syrup to milk to seltzer. This is the version we enjoy. It’s a coffee drink extraordinaire--refreshingly fizzy and flavorful. May you drink it with joy!

~ Cleo

To download this recipe
in a free PDF document
that you can print, save,
Cleo Coyle's
Coffeehouse Egg Cream


Coffee Syrup (recipe in directions below)
Milk (for dairy-free version use nut milk, such
       as almond or hazelnut, see note below**)
Seltzer (do not use club soda - see note below***)


**You can certainly use dairy milk for this drink. Or, as mentioned, for dairy-free version use almond milk, hazelnut milk, or another nut milk.

***Seltzer has no sodium. It is simply carbonated water. Club soda, however, can have other ingredients added such as potassium bicarbonate, which is why it should not be substituted for seltzer in this recipe.


Step 1 - Into a tall, frosted glass, pour 1-inch of chilled coffee syrup. (For a less intense drink, simply reduce the amount of syrup.) 

To Make Your Own Coffee Syrup...

Coffee Syrup 

Directions: Start by brewing very strong coffee. Place 1 cup of ground coffee (medium to fine grind) in the filter of your drip coffee maker. Place 2 cups of water in the reservoir and brew. This will yield about 1 cup of concentrated coffee

Place this coffee in a small saucepan over medium heat and stir in 1-1/4 cups of white, granulated sugar. Continue stirring and heating until the sugar dissolves and the mixture begins to simmer. Do not allow mixture to boil! Continue stirring for about 15 minutes. The mixture will thicken somewhat as you continue to simmer it. While still warm, it will seem a bit watery but should coat the back of a spoon. Allow to cool and then chill the mixture in the refrigerator. When completely cool it will be much thicker, about the consistency of maple syrup (as shown above). 


You can also purchase a good quality
pre-made coffee syrup by 
clicking here.

Step 2 - To your egg cream glass, add milk (dairy or dairy-free) until the liquid line reaches 2-inches. Using a fork whisk together the coffee syrup and milk. 

Step 3 - As you continue whisking, slowly add cold seltzer until the fizzy, white head reaches the top of the glass.

Okay, I admit it...

Sometimes this drink, like life, goes over the top. 
And when that happens, do not fret...

Now is the time to...

Drink with joy! 

~ Cleo Coyle

New York Times bestselling author of
The Coffeehouse Mysteries 

Alice and Marc in Central Park. 
Together we write as Cleo Coyle. 

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