Wednesday, August 22, 2012

BBQ and Say cheese!

I'm on vacation this week. Yay!  No writing. Only thinking.

We’re in Lake Tahoe with family. The weather is perfect. Warm days, cool nights, beautiful blue skies. Crisp, clear water.
This would be exactly the kind of vacation my protagonist, Charlotte, from the Cheese Shop Mysteries would enjoy.

Lots of kids and laughter.

Lots of food; we're group cooking.

Grilled cheese sandwiches.

Cheese platters and appetizers before dinner.

Lots of barbecues.

Easy, delicious.

Many are going on hikes. Many are running into the cold water and dashing out. I take a swim each day, but I'm one of the rare few. The water tops out at about 68 degrees. Good for sore joints, I have to tell you but COLD!

Here are a few links to some of my previous shares for grilled cheese and platters. All can be found in our RECIPE INDEX...see it in the lefthand column?

Cheese and Pear appetizer
Cheese and artichoke dip
Grilled cheese with Camembert
Grilled cheese with three cheeses
Barbecue spice
Barbecue steak with blue cheese

May you enjoy your family. Give them hugs. Give them encouragement.

They are the future.


I'm very excited to share my newest cover for the 
4th in A Cheese Shop Mystery series: 

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I'm pleased to announce that my short story, PALACE ON THE LAKE,  in Fish Tales: A Guppy Anthology has been nominated for both the Anthony Award and Macavity Award. 
Go Sisters in Crime Guppies! 
Without them, my career would not be possible. The group support is invaluable!
You can read PALACE ON THE LAKE by clicking on the title above. :)

Say cheese!



  1. Just finished Camembert and loved it.. I also copied down the recipes since it was a library book. Hoping to buy a copy of the book and pre-order the next one.

    1. Nora, thrilled to hear that. I'll send you some of the recipes. You don't have to write them down. Anyone who borrows from the library can ask me for that! Glad you enjoyed.

      Daryl aka Avery

  2. Beautiful country there. My husband and I used to cross-country ski near Echo Summit. And I love any food that someone prepares and sets in front of me (and then cleans up)--I'm the perfect guest.

    Have a wonderful time!

    1. Sheila, a perfect guest is a rare find! But my family guests have been a blast. Really helpful and appreciative.

      Daryl aka Avery

  3. Enjoy your vacation and your family, Avery! Lake Tahoe looks gorgeous.

    ~ Krista

    1. Thanks, Krista. It is absolutely gorgeous. I truly breathe deeply here. :)

      Avery aka Daryl

  4. Gorgeous lake photo--and sweet cover on your 4th Cheese Shop, too, thx for sharing it with us. Marc and I send you and your family our best for a lovely, restful vacation. Have to admit, we're glad summer's nearly over! We're looking forward to the fall... Cheers!

    ~ Cleo

    1. Thanks, Cleo. I'll bet you two are tired, with a new book out and all the promo that goes well as turning in a new manuscript. It can be exhausting, but such fun!

      Daryl aka Avery

  5. Daryl Aka Avery,

    Don't know where to start you have so many things going on. . . lol! I LOVE the new book cover and can't wait for it come out. This series has been great and I know To Brie or Not To Brie will be as well!

    Congrats on Palace On The Lake being nominated for both the Anthony Award and the Macavity Award! I am not surprised, but am so happy for you!

    Enjoy your vacation, you have certainly earned it!

    1. Maureen, thanks so much! I love the cover for To Brie or not To Brie, too! Glad you are enjoying the series. Charlotte and her family are so much fun to spend time with (at least in my humble opinion). Lately I've been spending a lot of time with my new series and learning sooooo much about cookbooks! --I think Charlotte is getting a little jealous :} Thanks, too, for the award mention. That's coming to a close in a month plus a few weeks. Hope people who read it enjoy it.


      Avery aka Daryl