Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Mango Calamansi Mimosa Recipe by Mia P. Manansala @MPMtheWriter

Today is the one-year anniversary of ARSENIC AND ADOBO’s publication, which means it’s officially one year since I’ve become a published author! To celebrate my debut novel’s anniversary, as well as its Agatha Award win for Best First Novel, I have a very simple but very delicious cocktail recipe for you all:

Mango Calamansi Mimosas!

Calamansi is a small citrus fruit native to the Philippines and we use it in everything. If you can’t get hold of calamansi juice (those of you in California or similar climates have access to the fresh fruit, but it’s also available bottled, frozen, and powdered), you can sub in lime or a mix of mandarin orange and lime juice, but it won’t be the same—the scent and flavor of calamansi is incomparable.

Mango Calamansi Mimosa


  • Mango juice or nectar
  • Calamansi juice (fresh, bottled, frozen, powdered, etc. are all good, just make sure there’s no added sugar)
  • Champagne or sparkling wine
  • Ice, optional


  1. Fill a glass with ice, if using.
  2. Fill the glass halfway with mango juice, then half champagne.
  3. Add a large splash (about a tablespoon) of calamansi juice.
  4. Stir and enjoy!
Cast of characters: sparkling wine, bottled calamansi juice, mango nectar

If you're not sure if you can use up a bottle of calamansi juice before it expires, powdered calamansi is a good alternative

Mix everything in a glass (with ice, if desired) and enjoy responsibly!
Happy One-Year Anniversary to my beloved debut novel!

Hope you all give this cocktail a try. Let’s raise a glass to an absolutely wild, joyous year!

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  1. So many congratulations, Mia! That drink sounds fabulous, although I've never even heard of calamasi. Must search some out.

    1. Thanks, Edith! I absolutely love calamansi, so I hope you're able to find some by you. (Sorry for the late response, I wasn't near a computer yesterday)

  2. That sounds intriguing! You can get calamansi juice and powder on...Amazon! Where else, right?

    1. It can often be a little more expensive on Amazon than on other sites. This is the site I usually use when trying to source Filipino ingredients and I don't have time to go to Seafood City:

  3. Congratulations!
    the drink sounds dangerously refreshing!

    1. Thanks, Libby! Haha, dangerously refreshing is the perfect way to describe it. (sorry for the late reply, I wasn't by my computer yesterday)

  4. This sounds delicious, Mia! I've been curious to try calamansi since you posted about it last year, just forgot to order some.

    1. Calamansi is one of my favorite flavors and scents EVER (I'm a big fan of citrus). Hope you get a chance to try it soon, Lynn!