Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Low-Carb Love for Your Leftover Taco Meat from Cleo Coyle #LowCarb #Leftovers #Keto

Waste not!

Do you have leftover love? Like chefs running a busy restaurant, my husband and I can't stand to waste good food. And, to be honest, second day meals are often as good (or even better) than the first.

Case in point: Taco Day. 

We often make extra taco meat and use the leftovers for lunch or dinner the next day. Do you do the same? If so, let us know in the comments how you like to make use of your leftovers. Today we're sharing two of our many "Leftover Love" solutions...

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A Note from Cleo

Our first leftover idea (pictured below) is one Marc and I originally shared back in 2011 and again in our 11th Coffeehouse Mystery, A Brew to a Kill

Our recipe for Mini Taco Cups requires only 1/2 cup of the meat for every six treats, an economical way to "waste not" in your kitchen. Because these cups can be filled in many ways, the method is a keeper for creating nutritious snacks and pretty appetizers for party trays, so keep them in mind for the upcoming holidays.

Our second idea (The Taco Salad) is a common one, but also a clever solution for those looking for low-carb (and keto) meal options. 

The key to making any Taco Salad really great (in our opinion, of course) is our sour cream-lime dressing. So easy and so good. Read on for the details and...

May you eat with (leftover) joy!

~ Cleo

Leftover Love Idea #1

Click here to read our full recipe
blog post on Mini Taco Cups.

To read our *full post* on this recipe,
originally published in our 2011,
click here or on the image above.


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Leftover Love 
Idea #2

This idea is especially wonderful
for those of you looking for low-carb and
keto meal options. It's incredibly tasty, and
(believe me) you will not miss the tortilla!


Start with fresh, cold, crisp romaine lettuce (which not only delivers good flavor but also great nutrition). Chop the lettuce and fill a large bowl, as shown in the photo below.

Core, de-seed, and chop a vine ripened tomato (be sure to de-seed for the best texture in your salad). Scatter the chopped tomato over the lettuce.

Dice a bit of green bell pepper and add it to the bowl...

Microwave some of your leftover taco meat. Make sure it's piping hot and spoon it over the cold lettuce, chopped tomato, and diced pepper.

Sprinkle shredded Colby Jack cheese over the hot meat...

As you wait for the cheese to melt (as shown below), prepare the taco salad's Sour Cream-Lime Dressing...


This simple dressing is what really makes this salad amazing. 

Add a nice helping of sour cream to a small bowl (as shown below). Squeeze in two wedges of lime, splash in a bit of white vinegar (I use rice vinegar), and salt and pepper to taste. Whisk well and pour over your taco salad...

Finish the salad with chopped, fresh cilantro.

If you like, add a dollop of fresh guacamole, and...


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Eat with (leftover) joy! 

~ Cleo Coyle

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  1. The taco cups sound like great fun.
    I like the idea of putting the hot taco mix on top of the salad ingredients. The hot on cold is rather like a spinach salad with a hot bacon dressing.

  2. With any extra taco meat I usually make nachos, or lettuce wraps and sometimes use it as stuffing for those cute mini bell peppers. Your taco cups are a great idea, same as the sour-cream lime dressing, yummy!