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ATKT: Recipes We'd Never Try + #Giveaway

We're around our kitchen table again today, and I bet this is a conversation that anyone could join! Leave a comment to be entered in our fabulous book giveaway--read to the bottom to see... 

Lucy Burdette: Years ago, my hub and I went to France for a special vacation. A friend convinced me that we absolutely had to have dinner at a fancy restaurant in Vezelay. So we made reservations and packed fancy clothes and the date finally came. While we were waiting to be seated, we were given a drink and a young man came around with a tray of hors d’oeuvres. He spoke in French but with a heavy Italian accent that was difficult to understand. 

Fois Gras by Yzukerman

All we caught was “fermez la bouche.” Close your mouth. And of course we wouldn’t eat with our mouths open! John bit into his treat. Hot fois gras spurted all over his shirt, tie, and jacket. The waiter had been trying to explain that we should put the whole morsel in our mouths and then chew. The first course in our dinner there included a half round of cold fois gras covered in a coating of caramel. You had to crack the caramel open before eating the liver pate.

That’s a memory I will never lose, but I will also never attempt to prepare either of those dishes! What recipes would you never, ever make?


Sheila Connolly: I've rarely met a dish that I didn't like, but that doesn't mean I'd cook all of them. I still haven't attempted cooking octopus or tripe. But the recipe that sticks in my memory is a dish made by one of my two roommates when we shared an apartment after college. We rotated cooking chores, and Jean (who went on to become a medical doctor) made us a dish with leg of lamb cooked in coffee. With cream. My other roommate and I quickly assigned her permanent dish-washing duty and took over the cooking. BTW, I last visited Vezelay with my mother and daughter a long time ago. Beautiful site, wonderful church. And I've been kicking myself ever since for not buying a box of cereal I saw in a small shop there--it was called "Plopsies."


Leslie Budewitz: Lucy, I am howling with laughter -- forgive me! Love caramel, of course, and fois gras tastes great if you forget where it comes from, but together? Fermez la bouche, to use the more common meaning of the phrase! 

What I won't try:
- any recipe for fried chicken or ribs, because I cannot bring myself to eat meat on the bone, except cutthroat trout if we're in the wilderness because fresh-caught cutthroat are supremely wonderful and Mr. Right is probably close by to help with the deboning;
- a pie -- and you know I am of the People of the Pie -- with a crust made from Saltines or Ritz crackers. (Not that I don't enjoy Saltines. We'll talk some other time about how I know that you should never try to toast them. In my defense, I was 5.) 
- any recipe with more than a dozen ingredients because, like, why? My dear friend Sandra, a fabulous cook and the woman who first gave me a clue that good food was easily attainable, says as she gets older and even more experienced in the kitchen, her food is becoming simpler. C'est vrais, n'est-ce pas?


Linda Wiken:   Every now and then I watch some baking shows on the Food Network, more to drool than for
inspiration. Today is was Bake with Anna Olson and she was making Creme Caramel. Now, I love CC, in fact it's my dessert choice when eating in a restaurant. Every time. So, i figure, why would I make it at home? Besides worrying that I'd ruin the custard in some way, making it myself would then take away some of the pleasure of having it as a treat.


Daryl Wood Gerber: Oh, Lucy, I can picture that moment! Too funny. And a tad embarrassing.  LOL  I thought I would never
make a bûche noël (yule log) because the one I purchased from the bakery every year was so fabulous. But then I had to start eating gluten-free, and I couldn't stand that everyone else got to have the yule log and not me, so voilá. I made one for me. So many steps but worth every effort.  (BTW, I'm sharing that recipe in the next Cookbook Nook Mystery, which is Christmas-themed.) What I would never cook is anything with rhubarb or beets or eel or snails. Each of those foods make me cringe. Pfft!


Peg Cochran: Mon Dieu, Lucy!  Quelle horreur!  Like Leslie, I find a long list of ingredients off-putting. I'm willing to try anything but with limited time to spend in the kitchen, I doubt I'll be tackling anything like beef Wellington any time soon! Although when I was younger I made a dish that required boning an entire chicken and then stuffing it. I suppose one thing I don't/wouldn't make is anything deep fried.  All that hot oil bubbling on the stove scares me! To my mind, it's an accident waiting to happen. I'll get my fried food fix when I eat out!


Krista Davis:  I bet everyone who was there loves to tell that story, Lucy. Poor John!

I have to admit that when I have the time I love a long and complicated cake or torte recipe. Layers, fillings, frostings, all such fun! But not when you're in a hurry. One of my favorites is Dobos Torte, which has seven layers and a tricky caramel top. I don't bake it often, but it's so delicious!

I'm intimidated by a lot of Chinese and Indian recipes. I remember going to the home of a friend who came from India. She had giant glass pots of spices neatly stashed all around the soffit of her kitchen. I didn't know what most of them were, but the scent was heavenly. I think I'd rather eat at a really great Chinese or Indian restaurant and let the pros prepare the food.



I'm one of those people who is willing to give most things a whirl, but I hate trying recipes that take a quarter teaspoon of some obscure spice that I know I'll never use again. It's just too wasteful for me to handle. 


Cleo Coyle:  Neither I nor Marc (my husband and partner in culinary crime writing) fear lots of ingredients or complicated instructions or even hot, spurting fois gras (LOL, Lucy!). What gives us both pause, however, is a dish that will end you if not prepared correctly...the pufferfish! Not that it wouldn't make for the perfect killer meal in a murder mystery. :)

Courtesy wiki commons by Brocken Inaglory



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