Thursday, July 19, 2018

Cuban Sandwich #recipe @LucyBurdette #giveaway

LUCY BURDETTE: We're getting very close to book launch day for DEATH ON THE MENU--yay!!--and celebrating with recipes that appear as part of the story. And today also celebrating by giving away my last advance readers copy of DEATH ON THE MENU to one lucky commenter! Now back to the recipe...

As Hayley Snow herself says, you could eat Cuban sandwiches a.k.a. Cuban mix a.k.a. Cubanas every day for a year in Key West and still not scratch the surface of the varietals. You might try a sandwich at each establishment, as Hayley and Miss Gloria do. Or, you can try making them yourself. This recipe is based on one found in Cuba! Recipes and stories from the Cuban kitchen.


One large loaf Cuban bread, Italian if you cannot find Cuban

Slices of leftover Cuban pork, Mojo style
About a half pound Swiss cheese
About a half pound sliced ham
Finely sliced dill pickles
Yellow mustard

Slice the entire loaf of bread open lengthwise. Spread mustard on both sides. 

Layer the Swiss cheese on the bottom, followed by pickles, followed by pork, followed by ham, followed by the rest of the cheese. Press the sandwich together. Either cut in half to cook in a press, or wrap in foil and grill until the cheese is melted and the bread toasty. 

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Death on the Menu, the 8th Key West food critic mystery, will hit bookstores on August 7 from Crooked Lane Books. 

“There’s a lot to love about this series—deft plotting, likeable characters, and an ending that always satisfies. But one of the things I love the best is how the author transports her readers to Key West with every page, describing real landmarks and restaurants with such realism that I feel I’m actually there. Magical and delicious fun!”—Suspense Magazine

Here's a pre-order the book link from Amazon--and here's a link to preorder a hard copy from RJ Julia in CT, where you'll be able to get a signed copy. 

Or you can order it from Books and Books in Key West, or call Suzanne Orchard at Key West Island Bookstore ((305) 294-2904)--she'll be delighted to order you a copy! 

Or really, wherever books are sold...


  1. I will try making this but most of all I can not wait to read and enjoy this book. Love the reviews on this author and so excited for her. A series I stumbled on because I am a Key West lover and enjoy foods from the Keys and hope all enjoy as I do.

  2. My grandparents lived in Cuba for part of each year when they were first married. But my grandmother somehow never learned to cook, so she didn't pass on many recipes (I think a version of arroz con pollo is the only one I remember). I'm glad to see you're filling in some of the blanks for me! Plus your series really conveys the spirit of Key West.

    1. Thanks Sheila, wish I could have chatted with your grandparents about their time in Cuba. And thanks for reading and blurbing this book!

  3. Ok, I am going to try this again because posting it under my name Bridget Donovan didn’t work. I adore these books, they transport me to a place I dream of seeing. They and have gotten me through tough health problems. I love Hayley and hope many more books are to come!

  4. I have never had a Cuban sandwich but whenever I read about one I want one. I think it is the bread that makes all the difference. Maybe i should try to make some Cuban bread. Reach me:jmpurcel at

  5. I really like this series, especially with Key West being in it! I love Key West and would like to live there. This sandwich sounds so delicious! Congrats on the new book and thank you for the giveaway!

  6. We had our first experience with a Cuban sandwich when our daughter lived in Miami for grad school. It was delicious and we have even made them here in PA! Plain pork also works well!

  7. I’ve never had a Cuban sandwich.
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  8. This sandwich is so appetizing. Thanks for your recipe and the book giveaway. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  9. I love a good Cuban sandwich, and the book looks great. Ty for the giveaway!

  10. I love Cuban sandwiches! The combination of ham and pickle is one of my favorites. Thanks for the awesome giveaway and congrats on the upcoming release of Death on the Menu! picard1900 (at)

  11. Looks superb! Would love to win the giveaway! I so enjoy your books!

  12. Love love love the Cuban Coffee Queen in Key West! So I can’t wait to try this Cuban sandwich recipe...although I’d rather go back to Key West!😘😋

  13. My favorite place to visit is Key West. I discovered your books there on a visit and can't wait for this latest one. I'm also going to make this Cuban sandwich. Our favorite Cuban food has been at El Siboney on Catherine Street. Thank you for these books than transport me from Wisconsin to Key West, Lucy!

  14. I've never made my own Cuban sandwich. They sure are tasty. Thank you for the chance to win. I could use an armchair visit to Key West right about now. Dmskrug3 at