Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Win on Independence Day!!!

Happy Independence Day! 

May you be enjoying the freedoms of our great country. Family. Friends. Good food. Fireworks.

To celebrate...

I read Jenn McKinlay’s RED VELVET REVENGE (and was asked to blurb it). It was such a fun read. 

It just launched yesterday!  In the book, she highlights cake pops.

For 40 years (or something like that), chocolate cake with white frosting has been by far my favorite cake. (Of course, I also love strawberry shortcake, white cake with chocolate icing...all sweets...) 

Now that I’m gluten-free, and inspired by Jenn’s delicious delights, I thought it would be a great idea to offer a gluten-free version of cake pops.  Enjoy the recipe.


    1 Betty Crocker super moist GLUTEN-FREE chocolate cake mix
    1/2-3/4 cup Cream Cheese frosting (gluten-free) (see below)
    1 (24 oz) package of white chocolate candy coating
    1/2 cup chocolate or colored sprinkles
    25-30 Lollipop sticks
One Styrofoam box or box of some sort to slot the cake pops into.

    Start by baking the Gluten-free chocolate cake mix by following the instructions on the package. While the cake is baking, MAKE the cream cheese frosting (recipe below). Set aside.  THEN place the sprinkles into a bowl. Set aside.
    Once your chocolate cake is fully baked and cooled (about 30 minutes to cool), crumble it entirely in a large bowl (plastic or metal) while adding 1/2-3/4 cup of cream cheese frosting. That’s right, crumble it. Mix it all together until thick. Once thick enough, start making round 1-2 inches cake balls. Place each of them on a large baking tray, which you will cover with plastic wrap and place in your fridge (overnight).
    The next day. Place all the white chocolate candy coating into a microwaveable bowl and follow the melting instructions. Next, dip the tip of a lollipop stick (about half a inch) into the chocolate candy coating and then insert it into a cake ball (about halfway). Repeat this operation for each cake ball.
    One cake ball or cake pop at a time, dip it entirely into the melted white chocolate coating. Use a spoon to fully cover each cake ball. Tap gently to remove any extra coating (if too much). Repeat this operation for each cake pop and set them balls up on a styrofoam box.

Immediately sprinkle the cocoa powder and sprinkles on the melted coating. Once done, place your cake pops into the fridge. Let them cool for about an hour. The only thing left to do now is to enjoy them!

Cream Cheese Frosting
1 cup powdered sugar
¼ cup butter, softened
1 8 oz. cream cheese, softened
1 tsp. vanilla extract

Blend all together until smooth.


BAKER'S NOTE:  These were so much fun to make that I wish I had a passel of little helpers!  Get your kids into the mix!! However...they were messy!  The warm chocolate dip was a little thick. Not sure if I should have thinned with a little water so the cake pops dipped easier. And because it's warm, rolling the balls immediately in sprinkles made the sprinkles sort of melt, so if you can bear it, wait a few minutes before rolling. I'm sure they'll stick.  Also, I froze half of the cake balls for use at a later time. I've eaten one since, plain, and it's yummy!


BY THE WAY, my protagonist from A Cheese Shop Mystery series, Charlotte Bessette, has taken over the blog at Killer Characters today. F-R-E-E-D-O-M!!  Chime in, won't you?  

AND LASTLY...I'm starting some mini-contests to promote THE COOKBOOK NOOK MYSTERIES which come out one year from today!  

feature a cookbook store owner
who is an avid reader and admitted foodie - 
set in picturesque coastal California town!

The first contest runs this week until next week. Leave a comment on this MLK post with your favorite ADULT OR KIDS DESSERT COOKBOOK TITLE and you're entered to win a book of your choice from A CHEESE SHOP MYSTERY series and lots of fun swag, including the new COOKBOOK NOOK kitchen gripper. 


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  1. I've seen this book on multiple blogs now and really want to read it. Guess I'll have to get a copy! :)

    Thanks for the gluten free recipe - can't wait to try these.

    1. Sabrina, enjoy Jenn's book. She writes with a spunky pace.

      Daryl aka Avery

  2. I have an old 1965 Woman's Day Cookie Cook Book that I turn to for many cookie and bar recipies. I love the old cookbooks that have recipes that I can remember my mother making.
    I'd love to win your contest. Thanks for the chance.

    1. Sue, I have the same kind of book. And recipe cards from my grandmother, too. Isn't that great to have the memories?


      Daryl aka Avery

  3. My current favorite cookbook is The Pioneer Woman Cooks, by Ree Drummond. I would LOVE to win your contest, thanks for offering it to us!

    BTW, condolences on the loss of your friend and fellow actor, Andy Griffith yesterday. I know you worked together on Matlock, and he was a wonderful man!

    1. Maureen, thank you for your sweet sentiments. I worked with Andy and he was a lovely star. He will be greatly missed.

      Re: The Pioneer Woman Cooks. I've seen her blog. What's your favorite recipe in the book?

      Daryl aka Avery

  4. I just love cook books. If I have to pick one it would be Paula Deen Cook Books. She makes everything seem, so good. Thanks


    1. Kiki, do you have a favorite Paula Deen recipe? I know it must have butter in it. :) LOL

      Daryl aka Avery

  5. Thanks for the shout out, Daryl/Avery! Brilliant to make them gluten free! And they look divine! I will abstain from the contest because we're buds, but my fave cookbook is my vintage Betty Crocker. I love the old pics and reading the recipes :)

    1. Jenn, great to hear from you. Vintage Betty Crocker is definitely one I suggest to lots of newbie cooks. And the old pics are so much fun. Red and white checks forever.

      Wishing you great sales on your new release!

      ~Avery aka Daryl

  6. Whenever I have to make a dessert I always turn to my old Betty Crocker illustrated cookbook. I think it's over 15 years old now but it is tried and true. The pages are now all crinkled and falling out yet I can't find the heart to toss it out or replace it. It has been with me through many meals and goodies!

    A series about a cookbook store owner sounds divine!

  7. Lori, thanks for chiming in. I know what you mean. My old Gourmet #1 book is like that. Crinkled pages and stained but tried and true. :) So glad you like the idea for the new series.

    ~Daryl aka Avery