Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Easy, Finger Lickin’ Southern Side—Pimento Cheese

RileyAdamsFoodBlogPostpic_thumb_thumb[3]Wow! We had Release-a-palooza yesterday! Congratulations to my fellow Mystery Lovers’ Kitchen cooks, Wendy Watson and Julie Hyzy for their brand new releases! My Kindle is loaded and I am ready to do some summer reading!

I was thrilled to see Finger Lickin’ Dead on the shelves yesterday. I do have a little giveaway after my recipe, so be sure to scroll down to the end of the post if you’d like to enter.

IMG_20110607_200358Now, on to pimento cheese! The easy version.
Pimento cheese is a favorite Southern side. It’s served as a veggie dip, spread on sandwiches, and used as a condiment. In fact, I went to a huge birthday party last Saturday at the beach, with some absolutely fabulous food…and pimento cheese was one of the things that the caterers put out.

Finger Lickin' Close UpSince yesterday marked my release of Finger Lickin’ Dead, I thought a little pimento cheese was in order. That’s one of my sleuth, Lulu’s, favorite foods. She even offers pimento cheese dogs and pimento cheese topped burgers on special occasions at Aunt Pat’s BBQ restaurant.

It’s light and tasty, but I think that some people aren’t wild about pimento cheese because of the texture. And that’s a shame, because you can make a smooth version (which is really the kind I prefer, myself.) Here’s how:

Simply Southern Pimento Cheese

1 block extra-sharp cheddar cheese, cubed
1 4 oz. jar pimentos, with liquid
1 cup mayonnaise
1 squirt regular mustard
1 dash garlic powder
Put all the ingredients in your blender. Blend until smooth. Refrigerate for about 45 minutes for the pimento cheese to thicken into a spread.

IMG_20110607_200751(That’s right, y’all….I said the blender!) No wrestling with your food processor needed!

fingerlickindead--smallTo make those little luncheon sandwiches, all the ladies cut the edges off white bread, spread the pimento cheese on them, and set them out on china plates. Sometimes they put a moistened paper towel over the sandwiches to keep the bread soft while they wait for their luncheon to start.
Yes, I could happily eat pimento cheese all day long. :)
And now, some more about my….
"Finger Lickin' Dead" Giveaway
It's time for a Finger Lickin' Dead giveaway! To celebrate the June 7 release of the 2nd book in the Memphis Barbecue series, I'm throwing an easy contest.
To enter the random drawing for a free, signed, paperback copy of "Finger Lickin' Dead," just send me an email--I'm at elizabethspanncraig (at) gmail (dot) com-- with "Giveaway" in the subject line. The contest is open to everyone—my international friends, included. The deadline for entering is Tuesday, June 14th at midnight, ET. The winner will be announced during my post, Wednesday, June 15th here on the Mystery Lovers' Kitchen blog. Good luck!


  1. Riley, sounds so simple it's got to be! Love it.

    And congrats on your new release of Finger Lickin' Dead. Love the title. May you sell a ton of books. May your readers be as delighted as before!


  2. Congrats on the new release. I am about a hundred pages in and dreading when it's over. love spending time at Aunt Pat's and the Elvis tie ins make it even more fun for me!


  3. Avery---SO simple! And thanks for the well-wishes!

    Erin--Thanks so much! I hope you'll enjoy it. :)

    Dave--And they love spending time with you! You'll really go for the ending, if you like Elvis. :)

  4. I've never had the chance to try pimento cheese, but this recipe makes it look extremely easy and fun. It's also PERFECT hot weather food. I've got my blender on the counter for fruit smoothies and iced fraps; and since we've got a heat advisory in NYC for the next two days, I'm going for a no-cook pimento cheese dinner!

    Thank you for another wonderful Southern-style idea, Riley, and congrats again on the release of FINGER LICKIN' DEAD. :)

    Release week cheers!
    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  5. Okay, I can even do this! I will most definitely give this a try! Thanks!

    And major congrats on the release of FINGER LICKIN DEAD! I know it's going to be another winner!

  6. OK...time for a long winded response (I know...big surprise!!)...Anyway, during WW2 my dad was stationed at Anniston, Alabama. he and my mom had a HUGE wedding planned for June 13, 1941, here in Detroit, MI. Well, the country went on a high alert on June 5...and my dad's leave was cancelled!!! My mom, not one to be easily rattled and more than ready to marry the man of her dreams packed up everything she could (including her bridesmaids!!) and took the train to Anniston! They had a lovely Army wedding on June 20, 1941! My mom grew to love living in the South...and one of her fave things was Pimiento Cheese!!! Dad went overseas and she and my brother moved back up here...and she brought her pimiento cheese recipe. She and her girls would gather every Thursday night to play cards, have a few cocktails and eat pimiento cheese sandwiches.
    Eleven years later...on June 20th they welcomed me (whose original due date was June 13!!) and every birthday until we lost her she made pimiento cheese sandwiches for my birthday...Mom and Dad never from the day I was born celebrated their anniversary on the exact deference to me...up until their last anniversary when it became obvious she would be leaving us. So...on June 20th, 1983 at Wm. Beaumont Hospital we had an anniversary included Glenn Miller's "String of Perals" (their song), champagne and...pimiento sandwiches.
    Elizabeth...I haven't had one since that night, it was too nostalgic and way too hard. I'm going ot make pimiento cheese sandwiches on June 20th...and tip a glass of champagne in honor of the marriage of Capt. James Prior and his lovely bride Harriet (Henrietta) Prior. Thank you, dear heart...thank you for the memories, the recipe and for indulging me here....

  7. Nanc, what a heartwarming story! Charming.

    Elizabeth, I think these little finger sandwiches are making a major comeback. They turned up at a function I attended recently -- even traditional cucumber sandwiches. I haven't seen those anywhere in ages.

    Thanks for the recipe!

    ~ Krista

  8. Cleo--Hope you'll give it a try! Especially in this hot weather.

    Julie--Thanks so much!

    Nanc--What an amazing and sweet story! I used to drive through Anniston all the time on the way back home to Birmingham when I lived there. Pretty place--and mountainous! What a time for a wedding, right? Your poor mom!

    I think that your mom and dad's generation had so much fun...I'm envious sometimes, thinking of it! I've also heard a lot about card-playing parties and cocktails! Pimento cheese would be perfect to have alongside it all. :) I love that your mom made a tradition out of pimento cheese sandwiches for your birthday. touching about your folks' last anniversary party! What a love story. :) I'm so glad you'll toast them with champagne and their favorite pimento cheese!

    Krista--I had the little cucumber sandwiches the other day, too! I think you're right--they're making a comeback.

  9. I grew up in Texas with pimento cheese sandwiches. I love them but haven't had them in a while. Thanks for the recipe. I will have to make these up.

    You ladies are living the life I would like to, being a published Author. I am still dreaming, and you know dreams do come true.

    Pamela Jo