Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Vacation Potpourri

I know what you're thinking.
Vacation potpourri is the stench
that comes out of your suitcase from
the fifty pounds of dirty laundry
you have just paid twenty-five bucks
to have hauled across the country
in the belly of an airplane so that you can
spend your first three days back home
getting re-familiarized with your washing

Having done just that, I suggest another way to think of
vacation potpourri and in fact, I'm including a recipe.
I hope that wherever you roam you remember to
bring a piece of your vacation home, even if it's just in your

Step one: Take a long winding stroll where the butterflies doze.

Step two: Snitch a petal or two from a fading rose.

Step three: Take several more walks.

Step four: Gather unusual shells and rocks.

Step five: Pick up some sticks to add to the mix.

Step six: Put it all in a baggie and seal it tight.

Step seven: At home, open the
bag and inhale with delight.

I was lucky enough to spend a long
stretch in the wilds of Nova Scotia
this summer. No Internet access and
my cell phone couldn't get a signal.
Once I got over the twitches, it was
the calmest, most peaceful time
I've spent in a very long time and I
highly recommend it.

My bowl of vacation potpourri
is on my table and the mingled
scents of spruce with summer
roses grown by the sea gives
me great joy!

I want to thank Wendy Lyn
Watson for stepping in for me
with her fabulous recipes
and wonderful posts. And I also
want to thank my fellow MLK
gal pals for keeping the kitchen
stocked while I was gone.
Thanks all! Vacation was lovely,
but it's good to be home.

One of the best days of my vacation was listening to the rain
tapping on the roof while I curled up on the chesterfield and
read two great books (Riley's Delicious and Suspicious
and Avery's The Long Quiche Goodbye).
They were fabulous reads! And now that I'm home,
I've got Cleo's Roast Mortem on my nightstand.
Summer in the kitchen has been very productive!
Congratulations to one and all!

Uh oh, is that the phone ringing? Hang on -- I need to go sniff my bowl of
vacation potpourri.

Jenn McKinlay



  1. Welcome back, Jenn! What beautiful pictures! I know your family must have loved sharing the month together in such a gorgeous place.

  2. Welcome back, Jenn! Sounds like you had a wonderful time away. Love your vacation potpourri!


  3. Aww, nice! Wonder how long that "beach" smell lasts?

    And great bowl (I'm hooked on pottery).

    Welcome back!

  4. Thanks, everyone! It's good to be home --even
    if it is supposed to be 109 in Phoenix this week.
    Sheila, I love pottery, too. I even took a few classes and made a lot of wobbly bowls. This one
    was a wedding gift from a cousin in Denver. It's a fave!

  5. How lovely. A recipe for memories!

    Thanks for the mention. Glad you had time on your lovely vacation to enjoy The Long Quiche Goodbye.


  6. What a wonderful vacation, Jenn. Thanks for sharing it with us.

    ~ Krista