Monday, October 18, 2021

#Halloween Fruit Salad by Maya Corrigan

The autumn colors of candy corn appeal to me more than the taste of the Halloween treat. Visiting with my grandsons this week, I made them a healthy snack—a candy-corn inspired fruit cup.

To make the fruit cup, you'll need three colors of fresh or canned fruit: white, orange, and yellow, the colors of candy corn. 


1.Chop the white fruit for the small lower layer in small pieces. Squeeze lemon juice over chopped pieces of apple or pears to keep them from turning brown. Cover the bottom of the cup with the white layer. 

2, Add the orange layer next. Either fresh or canned Mandarin oranges work well. Layer the orange sections on top of the white fruit. 

3. For the top layer, use pineapple rings if your glass cup is wide enough for them. For a narrower glass, cut the pineapple in chunks.  

4. If desired, top the fruit cup with a Peeps marshmallow ghost on a small wood skewer.   

In my first attempt at the fruit cup, I started with a layer of candy corn on the bottom, figuring that would give the grandkids an incentive to finish their fruit. I also tucked some candy corn in the hole where the pineapple core was. Not a good idea. The candy's food coloring bled into the fruit. I ended up with sticky pinkish stuff at the bottom of the cup.

For my second attempt, I went with straight fruit and chopped a pear instead of an apple for a whiter color. 

The ghost declares my second attempt the winner!

For a more traditional holiday recipe, visit my Halloween post from last year when I made skeletal gingerdead man cookies

Gingerdead Man cookies with bones outlined in icing

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Have you ever made a special Halloween snack or do you prefer tried-and-true Halloween candy? 

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  1. What a brilliant idea!
    What did the kids think?

  2. Thanks, Libby. They love fruit, and liked the idea of layers of different colors in the dessert cup. ~Maya

  3. Now this is a treat that I can get behind! I am also a fan of your gingerbread recipe from the Gingerdead Man story. I will be making both this year to appease my sweet tooth and my conscience.

    1. Thank you, Tracy. That gingerbread recipe is one of my favorites too. Happy Halloween!