Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Lavender Lemonade #recipe by Mia P. Manansala @MPMtheWriter

In my last post (lavender simple syrup recipe), I mentioned that I wasn’t usually a fan of floral flavors, but the lavender chai latte at Brewpoint Craft in Oak Park, IL, changed my mind. While I still plan on sharing my version of that delicious drink, the weather in the Chicagoland area has been so humid, that the thought of a hot drink is less than welcome right now. So I figured I’d share another lavender-based drink that I fell in love with at Brewpoint Craft: Blended lavender lemonade!

Writing on my Alphasmart Neo 2 at Brewpoint Cafe, with a hard seltzer, blender lavender lemonade, and cheese plate to sustain me

I love blended drinks (give me a blended margarita over a margarita on the rocks any day), and the slushie texture of this drink makes it extra fun and refreshing. I love the combination of lemon and lavender, and (blended or not) this drink would make a wonderful addition to a summertime picnic or tea party.

Blended Lavender Lemonade

Yield: one 12oz drink


Juice of one small lemon (about 2-3 TBSP)

2 TBSP of lavender simple syrup (recipe here)


Filtered water


  1. Add the lemon juice and lavender simple syrup to a blender cup. 
  2. Add about 4-6oz of water (½-⅔ cup) and 1-2 big handfuls of ice.
  3. Blend the mixture until all big pieces of ice are broken up and the texture is slushie.
  4. You can also leave the mixture unblended and just shake the drink vigorously in a lidded container until the drink is cold.
  5. Enjoy! 

I’ve got at least two more lavender drink recipes to share with you (the simple syrup lasts for at least a week, if not more, if kept covered in the fridge), so make sure to pick up some culinary grade dried lavender soon! What are your favorite lemonade recipes? Let me know in the comments!

Cast of characters (I only used one lemon)

Add juice of one small lemon, 2 TBSP lavender simple syrup, and about 6oz water to a blender cup.
Add one to two big handfuls of ice.

Blend until mixture is slushy.

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  1. A lemonade slushie sounds long as it doesn't cause a brain freeze!