Friday, August 6, 2021

Mushroom Tarts Part one: Pastry From Vicki Delany

These tarts are very rich, and absolutely delicious, so perfect for party appetizers or finger foods. The pastry itself is made with cream cheese, making them rich but not sweet, thus perfect for a savory filling but wouldn’t work so well for a dessert tart.

Next time I’ll give you the recipe I use for the perfect filling to create the mushroom treats

Cream Cheese Pastry for Savory Tarts:


2 Cups all purpose flour

½ tx[p salt

1 cup cold butter, diced

1 cup cold cream cheese, diced


Prepare 18 small tarts or muffin tins.  I used cupcake papers tucked into muffin tins.

Place flour and salt in food processor. Add butter and cream cheese and combine until blended. 

Remove from processor and form into ball. Cover ball with waxed paper and chill in fridge for a minimum of 30 minutes prior to slicing and filling.

This pastry doesn’t need to be rolled out as you should do with most pie pastries. it works fine by breaking off a ball of about 1 inch and patting directly into the prepared containers. However, I like to give some sharpness to the edges so I cut the circle using a floured glass.  

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  1. Oh, definitely saving this recipe, Vicki. Thanks!

  2. I look forward to the next installment. Love mushrooms!

    Why do you think this dough is not suited to non-savory projects? Cream cheese in biscuits goes well in a berry shortcake.

    1. Just my opinion. Most people like dessert pastry to be sweeter.

    2. Interesting. Most pie crust recipes I've seen to not call for sugar.
      Not sure what else would be the difference.