Saturday, May 15, 2021

Tandoori Chicken and Cauliflower Sheet Pan Dinner #Recipe @PegCochran


This recipe is quick, easy and very flavorful.  The most time-consuming part is measuring out all the spices.  And it cooks all on one sheet pan and is ready in about half an hour!  This recipe from The Modern Proper serves eight but as much as I like leftovers, I cut it down for the two of us.  I also used bone-in chicken thighs because that's what I had on hand.  It was still delicious.



8 boneless, skinless chicken thighs (approx. 2 lbs.) or bone-in chicken thighs

2 lbs. cauliflower, separated into florets

¼ cup olive oil

1/2 cup Greek yogurt

3 tbsp lemon juice

1 tbsp ginger, grated or minced (or from a jar)

4 garlic cloves, minced

1 tsp ground turmeric

1 tsp chili powder

1/4 tsp cayenne powder

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp cumin

1/4 cup minced cilantro, plus more for serving

1 tsp salt or to taste

1 (14 oz) can garbanzos beans, drained rinsed 

Red onion, thinly sliced (optional)



Combine olive oil, yogurt, lemon juice, ginger, garlic, turmeric, chili powder, cayenne, cinnamon, cumin, cilantro and salt in a bowl. Mix well and coat chicken and cauliflower entirely in yogurt mixture.





Spray a baking sheet with nonstick spray or line with aluminum foil for easy clean-up.  Arrange chicken and cauliflower on the baking sheet. Sprinkle the garbanzo beans and optional red onion slices over the chicken and cauliflower.



Roast in the oven for 30 minutes or until internal temp of the chicken reads 165°F.  




Serve the chicken with fresh cilantro, basmati rice and raita if desired.


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  1. That looks so good Peg! I'm going to save it for when our daughter's family visits in July...I bet even the kids would like it!

  2. Thank you for the recipe, Peg. I've missed tandoori chicken while the small Indian restaurants near us have been closed for the pandemic. Now I can make it at home along with a vegetable in the same pan.

  3. I have chicken and cauliflower in the fridge and was wondering what to make! This looks fantastic - thanks Peg!

  4. Love sheet pan recipes, and this one looks like a winner, Peg--thank you!

  5. I've asked for Indian take out for my birthday dinner.
    This will be perfect for other times when the urge strikes and I'm cooking. Thanks.