Friday, November 22, 2019

Shh! Quick and Easy Dressed Up Thanksgiving Cider by Krista Davis

The one thing I often overlook between the cooking and baking for Thanksgiving is the beverage. Of course, the easiest thing by far is to simply set up wine glasses and let guests pour themselves a glass of wine when they arrive.

But it's always fun to offer them something a little bit fancier. This is so simple that you'll barely be taken away from preparing the gravy and mashing the potatoes. If you can enlist a helper, that's even better.

What I like about this particular mixture is that it can be served to everyone. Even the kids can have a fancy drink. Don't fill the glasses all the way to the top and whisper to adults where the booze can be found. They can add a touch of brandy, rum, or vodka, according to their taste.

I made this with apple cider and ginger ale. But you could also skip that step and just buy sparkling cider.

Dressed Up Thanksgiving Cider
serves 4

gold sanding sugar
3 cups apple cider
1 cup ginger ale
assorted liquors for adults

Pour a small amount of ginger ale into a flat bowl wide enough to accommodate a glass. Pour gold sanding sugar into a second bowl. Dip the rim of each glass in the ginger ale and then into the sugar.

In a pitcher or mixing bowl with a spout, mix 3 cups apple cider with 1 cup ginger ale (you can certainly alter that to suit your taste). Pour into each glass.

Voila! Pretty drinks for everyone and it took no time at all!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Ginger ale.

Gold sanding sugar.

COMING on the 26th!


  1. These are so pretty. Going to buy some sanding sugar today! :) ~ Daryl

  2. How festive! I think I will try these!

  3. Replies
    1. Celia, our Walmart sells the Wilton brand bottles for less than a dollar, in the baking section.

  4. The gold sugar is stunning!
    I suspect this drink would be a bit sweet for my taste. Maybe a squeeze of lemon or lime? And then some rum or bourbon!

  5. Looks fabulous! Thanks for the idea, Krista!

  6. This is gorgeous, so festive looking, Krista. I didn't even know sanding sugar existed! Thank you for the idea.