Friday, October 4, 2019

Tomato Sauce for Freezing

By Vicki Delany

If you’re like me you’re overwhelmed by tomatoes at this time of year. And that, definitely, is a good thing. But what to do with all the marvelousness?  Freeze it, of course

Here’s a very quick and easy recipe for pasta sauce that you can put in the freezer to enjoy the real fresh tomato taste in the bleak mid-winter.

I used to always boil the tomatoes and remove the skins, but this recipe skips that step, and I think it gives the sauce an even richer taste. 

This recipe can be multiplied many times over if you have an excessive amount of tomatoes (lucky you!)

Vicki Delany’s Tomato Sauce

4.5 lbs fresh ripe tomatoes
1 onion, chopped
2 garlic cloves, minced
¼ cup fresh basil leaves
1 tsp salt

Cut the tomatoes in quarters and remove the seeds

Place the tomatoes in a large pot. Add onion, garlic, basil and salt

Bring to boil, lower the heat, simmer, covered for 25 minutes, stirring occasionally

Use a blender or immersion blender to puree the tomatoes

Return pureed tomatoes to pot, simmer over medium-low for 20 minutes

Cool and store in air-tight containers to freeze.

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  1. Well done. All you need is plenty of space in the freezer.
    Don't the plastic containers get stained by the tomatoes?

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  4. Thanks for sharing your tomato sauce recipe for freezing .
    I will be pinning this to my pinterest board.
    Good luck with your soon to be released novel ! I hope it flies off Amazon shelves.

  5. thank you for this wonderful recipe. I have canned all of my tomatoes this far. will give this a try.

  6. I have used a similar freezer tomato sauce for years as when my tomatoes do well, I am overwhelmed and need to do some thing to utilize the fresh produce.

  7. I have never froze my extra tomatoes always given them away but now what a wonderful idea this is what I am going to have hubby do and I shall watch as disabled but we like to save every bit we can and this is one way. Peggy clayton thanks so much Vicki.