Sunday, April 7, 2019

Celebrate Coffee Cake Day with MLK! #NationalCoffeeCakeDay

Blueberry Yogurt Cake by Lucy Burdette 

oday is National Coffee Cake Day, and we're celebrating by sharing some of our past coffee cake recipes with you. 

Click on the photos below (or the links in the captions) for the recipes, and...

Eat with coffee cake joy! 

~ Cleo

Almond Rhubarb Coffee Cake by Leslie Budewitz 



Irish Whiskey Cake by Sheila Connolly 



Gluten-Free Brown Sugar Coffee Cake by Daryl Wood Gerber 


Grandma's (Healthier) Muffins by Denise Swanson 


My Mom's Swedish Coffee Bread by Linda Wiken (Essie Lang)


Dairy-Free Honey Apple Cake (No milk, No butter) by Cleo Coyle


Blueberry Yogurt Cake by Lucy Burdette

Happy National Coffee Cake Day

from the Mystery Writing Cooks of MLK!



  1. Yum, I want one of each, please. ~ Daryl

  2. Me, too! Just pass the fork through the screnn...

  3. That is a mouthwatering selection! Thanks!

  4. Wow, I missed copying a couple of those, so thanks for the repost! Mmmmmmm!

  5. Talk about leading me into temptation!!! Now I have to got back and copy some I missed saving before!
    I made a cinnamon coffee cake (King Arthur Flours) yesterday with the addition of pecans and diced apples. More appples next time.

  6. These are all fabulous recipes, and many of these posts are so beautifully personal. It was great fun to revisit them. Happy National Coffee Cake day, everyone! ~ Cleo