Thursday, March 7, 2019

Pink Shrimp and Hominy Stew a la Rancho Gordo @LucyBurdette #recipe

Lucy Burdette: I have a new food obsession and it's called Rancho Gordo beans! at my request, John gave me a cookbook and a box of specialty beans from this source. Then I saw a recipe for shrimp and hominy stew, and had to order the dried hominy and special paprika. We got a little panicky as the broth was cooking because this paprika has a very strong smell. In the end--delicious!

I cut the thyme to ½ tsp, and paprika to 2.5 Tbsp, used 1.5 cups bean liquid and the rest chicken stock. Also I added cilantro instead of parsley, and squeezed a wedge of lemon into each bowl on the way to the table.

4 stalks celery, sliced thin
1 yellow onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon dried thyme
3 tablespoons Rancho Gordo/Burlap & Barrel Smoked Spanish Paprika
3 cups cooked Rancho Gordo Prepared Hominy/Posole
4-5 cups liquid (Hominy cooking water, bean broth, vegetable or chicken broth or any combination of these)
Cilantro, chopped
1 pound raw Key West pink shrimp, peeled and deveined
1 lemon for juice

The only tiresome part of this recipe is rehydrating the hominy—you should start a day ahead as with dried beans. But it’s so much better and so much less sodium than canned hominy, that it’s worth the effort. One cup of dried hominy made enough for the stew. Soak the dried hominy overnight, drain the water. Cover this in a medium pot with at least two inches of fresh water. Simmer two or more hours until tender.

Saute the celery, onion, and garlic in the olive oil in a stockpot over medium heat for about 10-15 minutes, until soft. 

Add the oregano, paprika, and thyme. Stir and continue cooking for a few minutes until a thick paste is formed.

Slowly add the liquid while stirring constantly. Start with 4 cups and add more later if you prefer it soupier. Allow it to warm through, about 5 minutes or so. Add the hominy. Once the soup is warm and you’re about ready to serve, add the shrimp and cook through; about 5 minutes. Add the last cup of liquid if it seems too thick for your taste.

Squeeze a wedge of lemon into each bowl and sprinkle with parsley. 

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  1. Hominy! I grew up in a southern family that lived up north. I remember having hominy, but I don't remember how it was served.

    This looks like great fun.

    Is their paprika hot, smokey, of what?

  2. I love beans and lentil soups but have never tried hominy. Am deeply curious now.

  3. We love posole but never had it with shrimp instead of the usual pork. Must try this sometime. Thanks for the inspiration, Lucy/Ro!

    BTW, I've heard nothing but good things about Rancho Gordo, even though their products are much pricier than usual!