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5 Minute Peach Sopapillas with a HAUNTED BOOKSHOP MYSTERY #GIVEAWAY from Cleo Coyle


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Okay, now I'm hungry!


Behold my insanely easy summer dessert...

5 Minute Honey-Cinnamon Peach Sopapillas!

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A Note from Cleo 

Traditionally sopapillas are little pillows of fried dough. They can be served with savory ingredients but also as a dessert with honey and cinnamon.

You can certainly make them from scratch, but I'm happy to show you a quick, easy, lighter way to make them using flour tortillas. While I didn't invent this idea, I'm happy to share the way I put together the basic ingredients and method, including tips I've learned along the way...


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Cleo Coyle's 
5 Minute Honey-Cinnamon 
Peach Sopapillas

Makes 1 serving (or you can share)


- 1 six-inch flour tortilla

- 2-3 teaspoons shortening (you can also use olive oil, or your favorite oil,
butter, lard, vegetable shortening, or cold-pressed coconut oil - see my note below)

- Raw honey for drizzling (Raw honey is far, far better tasting than heat-processed honeys. It's truly worth the price and makes a huge difference in flavor. If you can find local raw honey, that's an even better benefit for your immune system. Read more here.)

- 1 Tablespoon cinnamon mixed with - 2 teaspoons sugar

- 1 ripe, fresh peach

DIRECTIONS: Place a skillet on medium-high heat and add your choice of shortening (oil, butter, lard, etc). You must use some kind of shortening and enough of it or the tortilla will not properly bubble up. 

When the oil is hot (or the butter melted), place the tortilla in the pan. Allow it to heat up (15 to 20 seconds), then flip it and wait patiently for the tortilla to bubble up. (See my photos below.) If it does not bubble up, you need to increase the heat and keep waiting. Then flip it one more time to finish cooking and remove it from the pan. Slip it on the plate, drizzle it with raw honey, and sprinkle it generously with cinnamon sugar. Use a pizza cutter to slice it into sections.

To serve, slice up a fresh peach and arrange the slices on the center of a plate as shown in my photos. Drizzle with raw honey and cinnamon sugar. Place the sopapilla slices around the plate, top the center of the peach slices with whipped cream or ice cream and eat with joy!

Chocolate Ricotta Muffins,
recipe here.
My shortening note: My favorite shortening for this recipe is cold-pressed extra virgin coconut oil. This is a delicious oil, and of all the shortenings I tested with this recipe, coconut oil gave the absolute best results. It doesn't brown the way butter does at a high temperature; it brings a lovely, slightly nutty flavor to the tortilla; and it creates a nice, crisp texture in the tortilla as it cools. 

To learn more about it and tips on which kind to buy, click here for my past recipe post on Chocolate Ricotta Muffins that includes the subject of coconut oil. 

F o o d i e
P h o t o s


To download a free PDF
of this 
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Eat (and read) with joy!

~ Cleo Coyle

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  1. This is a great idea! I love sopapillas & with this recipe I can fry one flour tortilla when I crave a sopapilla. Then I can settle in with The Ghost and the Bogus Bestseller. :) lnchudej@yahoo.com

  2. Thank you for the recipe! It might be simple, but it will taste amazing 😊
    I am excited for the new book that is coming out. I am catching up with the series now.

  3. Can't wait to try this. We have a fruit farm in WNY and peaches are one of our main crops! cheers (at) MarjimManor (dot) com

    1. Congratulations, Margo! By now you know that you are the winner of our random drawing. We hope you enjoy our brand new Haunted Bookshop Mystery: THE GHOST AND THE BOGUS BESTSELLER -- and the "Jack is back" tote bag.

      Thanks to everyone for stopping by to comment. We appreciate the time you took to join us. We hope you'll keep in touch with us for more book news, giveaways, and recipes. In the meantime…

      Have a Happy Halloween season!

      ~ Cleo

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  4. Thanks for this delectable and beautiful treat which is so tempting for summer. I enjoy peaches and perfect with sopapillas. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  5. Sopapillas are a wonderful dessert, breakfast and lunch idea and combined with peaches make a very beautiful surprise for the family. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  6. It's about time your back Jack! I've been jonesing for a new book... heck, you've been in my cart since pre-orders came out! I am in heaven now that you're in print again! This recipe sounds fabulous & I can't wait to try it the day your book arrives on my doorstep!
    Kelly Braun

  7. I like peaches but usually eat them plain or sprinkled with cinnamon sugar and grilled.
    sgiden at verizon(.)net

  8. Welcome back, Jack! Can't wait to hear what you've been up to. This has been a good summer for peaches and here's another yummy (and easy) way to use them up. Great giveaway - I want it ;-) thanks!

    1. Had to add that I tried this recipe right away with the last of the fresh peaches. Modified it a bit but really delicious, everybody is loving it. And yes, of course I read Cleo's newsletter!

  9. Sooo glad Jack is coming back !! I've read all the Haunted Bookshop books as well as all The CoffeeHouse mysteries. . Recipe sounds yummy too. Thanks for sharing it. Vicki . nvictoria77@yahoo.com

  10. Can't wait for the return of Jack! The peaches I bought from the Saturday market are just hitting peak ripeness and will be perfectly shown off in this sopapilla. taft.jane(at)gmail.com

  11. What an easy, fruity dessert/snack! Love the idea. I admit that I have not read this series so clicked on the link to get the skinny on it. Sounds like fun reading to me.
    little lamb lst at yahoo dot com

    1. Oh, and for those who didn't know. Cleo's Newsletter is filled with fun!

  12. I have been waiting for this book for years! akur at yahoo dot com

  13. Recipe looks awesome! Love your books. areadingmum@gmail.com