Tuesday, June 26, 2018

1985 Birthplace of Coffeehouse Mysteries + New Interactive Website Giveaways from Cleo Coyle

Above is the actual, physical NYC birthplace of
Cleo Coyle's Coffeehouse Mysteries (circa 1985). 

To read the full story, click here, and visit
Cleo's new, interactive website.

Over the weekend, Marc and I launched an interactive website for readers of our Coffeehouse Mystery series. We named the site...

Against a stunning background of New York's skyline, the site presents visitors with a series of locked doors. Click on one door at a time to see what it opens. Depending on what door you choose, you may learn secrets about a different location featured in our Coffeehouse Mystery series, including...

* New York's Diamond District 
* The Secret Courtyards of Greenwich Village 
* New York's Secret Train Station 
* The 21 Club's Secret Room
Or a locked door might reveal...
* A Free Coffeehouse Word Search Game
*3 Beautifully Silent Places in the City That Never Sleeps
* Recipe Secrets...and more!

We'll be adding content over time. Right now we're having a Grand Opening Party at the site with two, fun prize package giveaways, and we cordially invite you to check out the website and enter the giveaways! 

To learn more about the prize packages and the details on how to enter, check your email box for our latest Coffeehouse Mystery Newsletter OR simply write an email that reads "Sign me up" and send it to...


You will receive an auto-reply with links to our latest newsletter, which includes info on the giveaways and prize packages + 4 delicious summer recipes and happy Cleo book news...

As for The Birthplace of The Coffeehouse Mysteries, the actual New York address where I lived in 1985 was 178 East 7th Street. My apartment was located over a small, woman-run coffee shop and bakery called Bread and Roses and across from a city park that was (at the time) notorious for drug dealing. This juxtaposition of a cozy, friendly coffee shop in a land of not-so-nice noir is what inspired the unique vision for the Coffeehouse Mystery series that I now write with my husband--and, I'm grateful to know, many of you read! 

There's more to this story, including why I lived in that section of the city, where I was working at the time, and the roots of our fictional OD Squad. I invite you to read all about it here at our new website.

While Bread and Roses no longer exists in that ground floor space, the C&B cafe does, and it serves plenty of coffee. With summer's heat finally upon us, Cold Brew is a customer favorite, and that is my recipe for you today!


A Note from Cleo 

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crime writing—her husband. 
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Our readers may remember this recipe from our recent bestseller Dead Cold Brew, the book where our amateur sleuth Clare finally agrees to marry again. 

Cold Brew Coffee is a smooth and refreshing beverage. The flavor is outstanding, never weak or watery as many iced coffees can be. Cold Brew is also insanely easy to make.

The method we shared in the book is the very same one we use at home: 
Coarsely ground coffee is stirred into cold water and allowed to steep in a sealed Mason jar for roughly 12 hours. After steeping, the grounds are strained into a clean jar. Then the Cold Brewed Coffee can be stored in the refrigerator for about a week. 


Free Recipe Guide
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If you're new to cold brew, just remember that it's a coffee concentrate, and you should dilute it before serving. Some people use water. Others simply pour it over ice. You might also add chilled milk, half-and-half, or light cream. Sugar or other sweeteners, including flavored syrups, are delicious additions, as well. However you make and serve your Cold Brew Coffee, Marc and I hope you drink with joy! ~ Cleo

Cleo Coyle's 

Mason Jar Cold Brew Coffee

Although there are many recipes for Cold Brew, our favorite is this Mason Jar Method. The jar’s lid seals the coffee in an airtight lock, keeping it fresh as you steep it—and after you filter it. This process is easy, practical, and (best of all) inexpensive. So let’s make some Cold Brew! 

Makes about 3 2/3 cup of concentrated Cold Brew, which will give you about 48 ounces of drinkable beverage, once diluted


2 wide-mouth Mason jars, quart size (see or buy examples here)

¾ cup (50 grams) coarsely ground coffee 

4 cups cold water (filtered or bottled for best quality)

Coffee filter cone (pour-over cone), size #2 (see or buy example here)

Paper coffee filters, cone shaped, size #2 or #4 (see or buy example here)

Cleo Tip: We like to replace the metal lids on the wide-mouth quart jars with re-usable plastic lids. See or buy examples here.


Step 1—Choose and grind your coffee: The best coffee to use for Cold Brew is one with a strong, bold flavor, which is why we suggest a medium-dark or dark roast. Be sure to use freshly roasted coffee and grind your coffee fresh, on the coarse setting, as you would if making hot coffee in a French press.

Step 2—Steep your coffee: Place your ground coffee into the wide-mouth Mason jar. Add your water. Note that because of the amount of coffee grounds, you will not be able to fit all four cups of cold water into the quart-sized jar, and that’s okay. Stir the grounds between pours and you will be able to fit more water in. Pour all the way to the top of the jar and stir well.

Seal the jar, gently shake it, and stand it in the fridge with a label that indicates when 12 hours have elapsed. 

Step 3—Flip and shake again for good mixing: After a few hours, we like to gently shake the jar again and turn it upside down, just to make sure the grounds stay well mixed.

Step 4—Filter the coffee: After the Cold Brew has steeped, filter it. While you can use cheesecloth and a kitchen strainer, we suggest that you invest in the purchase of an inexpensive coffee filter cone (aka pour-over cone) size #2. This is the perfect size for placing right over the mouth of your Mason jar. (FYI: This size cone also can be used over a coffee mug to make a single, pour-over cup of hot coffee.) You will also need disposable paper filters (cone-shaped size #2 or #4), to place inside your plastic cone. 

Slowly pour the steeped Cold Brew through the filter, into your second, clean Mason jar. This process will take a few minutes, as the coffee drips down into the jar, leaving the grounds and silt in the filter.

Step 5—Coffee concentrate service: As mentioned above, this is a concentrated coffee. To drink it, you will need to dilute it. You can add cold water; and/or pour it over ice; and/or add half-and-half (or milk or cream). Sugars and syrups are up to you. Experiment with what makes your taste buds happy.


We are often asked where to buy materials. 
Our best answer for a national audience is an online store. Click the links below to learn more or purchase these items, or look for them in a local store...

Wide-Mouth Quart-Size
Canning (aka Mason) Jars


Plastic Lids for Wide-Mouth Jars

Pour-Over Cone - Size #2


Coffee Filters - Size #2


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Eat (and read) with joy!

~ Cleo Coyle

New York Times bestselling author
The Coffeehouse Mysteries 

Alice and Marc in Central Park. 
Together we write as Cleo Coyle. 

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  1. Your books always leave me dying for a cup of good coffee! Besides Bread and Roses, do you have any other favorite present-day coffee shops in NYC you love to visit? I'd love recommendations!

    1. Hi, S.E. – Thanks for stopping by today. Marc and I are going to add a page like that to our site in the near future. Until then, I can tell you that a fun shop to visit for historical reasons is Caffe Reggio in Greenwich Village. It's nearly 100 years old, has a gorgeous antique espresso machine on display, and is cited as the first cafe in America to serve the cappuccino. Our fictional Village Blend is more modern in look an