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Day of Secrets is out! + book giveaway + grilled cheese with olive tapenade #recipe

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It's out. DAY OF SECRETS, my second stand-alone suspense, released last Friday.

Got your copy?

See below for some great reviews and the blurb and a giveaway.

From Daryl aka Avery

But must eat, and I know my protagonist Chase Day would LOVE this meal! Grilled cheese, scrambled eggs, easy food are his kinds of foods. Comfort food. He needs comfort in this book. A cup of yogurt or scoop of cottage cheese just won't do it, know what I mean?


I love grilled cheese sandwiches, as many of you know. I've been making them for years, and even more because of writing the Cheese Shop Mysteries and then the second in the Cookbook Nook Mysteries, Inherit the Word, where it featured a grilled cheese cook-off contest! 

I've tried my hand at grilled cheese with apples, pears, shrimp, jam. There are so many things that taste great with cheese! 

What I do have to admit is how much I love my panini maker. It really melts the cheese perfectly. Yes, over the years, I've cooked these delicious sandwiches on a grill or in a sauté pan, but sometimes the cheese didn't cook all the way through to where it oozed out of the sandwich. That's what is great. The oozing. The panini cooks from both sides. Cheese oozes!

The other thing I love about making these sandwiches is a tip I received from a cheese mavin a few years ago. She said to spread the inside of the bread with cream cheese. It helps the cheese melt, I think, because it acts like a "conductor." Don't quote me on that.

No matter what, this is an easy recipe. I used a jar of olive tapenade that I found at Trader Joe's. So delicious!


 (Makes 4 sandwiches)


8 slices of bread (regular or gluten-free)
8 tablespoons of butter (1/2 cup)
8 tablespoons of cream cheese
4 ounces of Mozzarella cheese, sliced thinly, more if desired
4 ounces of white Cheddar cheese, sliced thinly, more if desired
½ -1 cup chopped olive tapenade (I used a premade tapenade and drained the olive oil.)
Ground pepper
Orange wedges for garnish


I used a Panini maker. You can use a griddle or sauté pan.

If using a Panini maker, turn it on right now, to heat up. Don't worry. It won't "burn."

Meanwhile, butter the outside of the bread, using a tablespoon per sandwich. And then spread the cream cheese on the insides of the bread, using a tablespoon per slice. Top one slice with Mozzarella and white Cheddar.

Top the other side of the bread that has cream cheese only with a large portion of olive tapenade (2-4 tablespoons). Put the sandwich together and press to secure. 

Slip onto the preheated panini maker. [If you don’t have a panini maker, now’s the time to heat your griddle or sauté pan, medium to medium-high.]  

Cook the sandwich in the panini maker for 3 minutes until the grill marks are a warm brown. [If you’re making this on a griddle or in a sauté pan, cook for 2-4 minutes a side, until the bread is a nice golden brown. You might want to put a lid or piece of foil over the sandwiches to increase the heat and make the cheese ooze.]

Slice in half diagonally and garnish the plate with orange wedges or serve with a crisp green salad.

Back to my new release DAY OF SECRETS.

As I said above, got your copy?


Great reviews:
  • “The frantic plot will keep readers on edge.” ~ Kirkus Reviews
  •  “…a roller coaster of a ride that had my heart palpitating.” ~ Dru’s Book Musings
  • Daryl Wood Gerber has proven again to be a gifted storyteller and one to watch in this genre. An absolute must-read!” ~ Escape with Dollycas

And 50 plus more on Goodreads and Amazon!

A mother he thought he’d lost. A father he’s never known. An enemy that wants them dead.

At the age of five, Chase Day became an orphan. For thirty-one years, after a rebellious youth, he did his best to turn his life around and build a normal life—first as a Naval officer and then as a history professor at a boutique Bay Area college. Now, all that changes when he finds his mother, whom he thought had perished in a fire, dying from a gunshot wound. In her last breath, she urges him to find and protect the father he never knew. Where has his father been? Why has he never made contact? Can Chase discover why his family is a target before an unknown enemy destroys him?

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Also, if you missed my virtual release party, sorry. Sparky was there to say hi to everyone! Isn't he just the happiest greeter?


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  1. I'm excited to say (type) that I heard about this book from you, and I can't wait to read it :) Wishing all who enter this giveaway great luck!

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