Saturday, March 4, 2017

Mashed Cauliflower "Potatoes" #Recipe @PegCochran

For me one of the hardest things about a low carb diet is giving up potatoes.  I love potatoes--fried, baked, scalloped, mashed, shredded...whatever.  I think I must have at least a drop of Irish blood in me somewhere!

But sometimes you've just got to stay on that low carb stint for awhile for your own good!  And mashed cauliflower makes a decent substitute for a pile of mashed potatoes.  Actually, even if you aren't on a low carb diet, you would enjoy these!

1 head of cauliflower
1 leek
1/4 cup heavy cream
1 tablespoon butter
Pinch of nutmeg

Break the head of cauliflower into small pieces and clean and slice the white part of the leek.

Bring a pot of salted water to boil and add cauliflower and leek.  Boil until both are tender--approximately 15 minutes.

Drain vegetables and return to hot pan briefly to dry.

Place vegetables, cream, butter and nutmeg in food processor and puree.


  1. I can't do the dairy but I love roasting cauliflower. I just toss the florets with a couple of tablespoons of olive oil, garlic powder and a little salt.

    1. Sandy, there are recipes online that don't include dairy. I LOVE roasted cauliflower, too. I could eat a whole head by myself!

  2. This recipe is such a life-saver for a low-carb regime, Peg. We know that it can even fool veggie-hating teens. We haven't tried it with the leeks, but that sounds yummy. Thank you for the tip!

    Hugs. MJ

    1. It really does help with those cravings for potatoes! The leeks give it a nice flavor...and a slightly green tinge!

  3. I continue to not understand this "low carbohydrate" fixation that relies heavily on vegetables.
    Vegetables are primarily carbs.
    Perhaps you mean "refined carbohydrates"?
    Or you are referring to the glycemic index of the food?

    1. Perhaps you could steam the veggies with a minimum of water to limit how much nutrition goes down the drain with the water.

    2. Libby, you probably could easily steam the veggies. I will have to find my steamer basket... As for "low carb" diets, yes, it's probably shorthand for low refined carbs because veggies are carbs of course.