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MAGICAL LITTLE BISCUITS #recipe #mystery @AbbottMysteries

Congrats to SHARON BERGER, the winner of our Eat Your Rainbow Challenge and thank you to everyone who took part by leaving helpful comments, many of you for every post! We love our readers, even the ones who don't eat veggies!


This little recipe is so much fun to make and so surprisingly easy,  we had to share it.   It is, as they say, ‘all over the internet’ but it was found on a scrap of paper clipped (possibly) from our local paper, which has an excellent cooking feature on Wednesdays. We felt like some biscuits and we always have these ingredients on hand. There are other versions about with cream that involve having ingredients of equal weight. That recipe seems to come from King Arthur flour, so should be reliable. We plan to try those as well, because everything seems better when you can have fresh biscuits.

You will notice that this calls for self-raising flour. You probably know that self-raising already contains the baking soda and salt and makes for a softer biscuit.  We decided to add chives to our two ingredients because we are crazy about chopped chives these days.  Next time, it might be something different.

But now TA DA!  

TWO INGREDIENT BISCUITS (plus chives makes three)

For seven to eight biscuits

Preheat oven to 400 F.

1 level cup self-raising flour.
1 level cup 5 % fat (or higher) plain Greek-style yogurt
1/8 cup fresh chives, chopped (or fresh herbs of your choice)
We think you could substitute a bit of cayenne or whatever suits!  Don’t substitute low or no fat yogurt though because then you get heavy little lumps. Just sayin’.
You can easily make more or fewer biscuits. It’s just equal parts and presto!



We think it was faster to make them than to type directions. So there!
Mix flour and yogurt until it forms a ball.  

 Work in chives or whatever add-ins you’ve chosen.  

 This has taken about a minute!
Line a baking sheet with parchment paper.  Using a ¼ cup measure per biscuit. Scoop up, smooth out biscuit a bit and place biscuit on parchment paper-lined pan.  


Bake for about 20 minutes or until tops are golden brown.  

These best eaten warm, but we can attest they’re fine the next day after twenty seconds in the microwave paired with a nice piece of cheese.
Wasn’t that easy?  We can’t wait to try the cream version. Someone just needs to get the scale down from the top shelf.

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  1. I hope you aren't referring to me - I eat veggies daily! :) Congratulations to the lucky winner and thank you for sharing this fabulous biscuit recipe.

  2. Morning, Liz! Glad you could come by. Cheers!

  3. Can't wait to try these. Family lore has it that my great-grandmother made the best biscuits in the world but sadly no one knows what her recipe was. When you say level cup of yogurt--that means measure the yogurt in a dry cup measure not a liquid measuring cup?

    1. I just put equal amounts: both in a dry cup measure. In some recipes the weight has to be the same, but that would mean getting out the ladder to reach the scale in the top cupboard!

      Let me know what you think! Hugs. MJ/Va

  4. These biscuit certainly look better than the old Bisquick mix ones. I'll have to get self rising flour and Greek yogurt. Husband decided he preferred the thinner variety. Oh well.

    1. I don't know if it works with commercial yogurt (I think it does) but if you put the regular yogurt in a strainer and let it sit for awhile in your fridge, the whey will drain off and leave you with thick yogurt.

    2. This is good to know, Peg! Pat, I tried it with low fat yogurt and it didn't work well. will try the sour cream variety too!

  5. I've also seen these two ingredients used together to make pizza crust! Can'take wait to try it.

    1. Oh! I will look for that. So easy and quick. Thanks, Sharon. MJ/VA

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  7. Yum! Now to see if there's such a thing as self-rising gluten-free flour. Otherwise...I'll wing it. LOL ~ Love chives.

    ~ Daryl

  8. Oh I love simple biscuits. I wonder if I could use bisquick instead of the flour and still get the same results. Just love this and will have to try it soon. Nothing better than warm biscuits

  9. I LOVE BISCUITS!!!!!!!!! And this series!!!!

  10. We love biscuits!
    My husband has asked for them as part of his birthday dinner, in place of a grain or potatoes.
    King Arthur does good work, don't they?

    You know yesterday was unusual--I missed coming by here!