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Crispy Black Bean Tacos with Green Onion and Cabbage Slaw

LESLIE BUDEWITZ: Mr. Right loves tacos. Loves them. Simply loves them. In fact, I lost my status as a picky eater about a dozen years ago when we were in a small town on the west coast of Mexico, south of Puerto Vallarta, and the restaurant we had planned to go to was closed. So we ate street tacos and drank beer from cans—on my birthday. I loved it.

These are not those tacos, but they are totally yummy. You certainly could saute some ground beef with onion or shred some chicken and add it to the black bean mixture.

Frying the tortillas ever so slightly gives these a flavor I can only describe as golden and delicious. I admit a certain fear of frying, but the amount of oil here is minimal. The trick is to get the oil the right heat, so the tortilla immediately starts to puff and brown when you add it. Too low, and it will absorb the oil; if the pan is too hot and sizzles when you add the tortilla, lift the pan and lower the heat, then resume, fearlessly. Check with the old trick of sticking the tip of the handle of a wooden spoon into the oil; if the oil bubbles or sizzles slightly, it's just right!
Roux the Day (A Dinner Club Mystery) by [Wiken, Linda]
Tequila or cerveza optional!

Congratulations to Linda Wiken on the publication today of ROUX THE DAY, a Dinner Club Mystery!

Crisp Black Bean Tacos with Green Onion and Cabbage Slaw

For the tacos:
1-15 ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 teaspoon ground cumin
1 teaspoon dried oregano
1/4 teaspoon cayenne
salt and pepper

For the slaw:
1 small head purple cabbage, finely shredded
1 small or ½ medium red onion, thinly sliced
1 cup green onions, diced (including green stems)
1/4 cup red wine vinegar
2 serrano chiles, seeded and coarsely chopped
2 tablespoons mayonnaise
2 tablespoons lime juice
½ cup pure olive oil
1/4 cup cilantro, chopped
salt and pepper

olive oil
4 white or yellow corn tortillas, 8 inch
1/3 cup feta or queso, crumbled
1/3 cup fresh cilantro, chopped
salsa, not sauce, or sriracha

Place beans in a small bowl; stir in cumin, oregano, and cayenne and partially mash. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Place the cabbage and red onion in a large bowl and stir.

Blend green onions, vinegar, chiles, mayonnaise, lime juice, salt, pepper, and olive oil in a blender or in a bowl using an immersion blender until emulsified.  Add to the cabbage and onion mixture. Stir in the cilantro and season to taste.

Heat one tablespoon olive oil in a large frying pan over medium heat. Lay in one tortilla. Spoon in 1/4 cup bean mixture. Cook one minute. Fold in half. Cook until golden brown, about one minute, and turn to the other side, cooking one more minute. Remove to a plate and add slaw, feta, and additional cilantro, and repeat with additional tacos. (Fry up one per person to start; if you want more than one -- and you likely will -- you'll need a little more oil before frying up the second batch.)

Serve with salsa or hot sauce.

Makes 4.



From the cover of KILLING THYME (October 2016, in paperback, e-book, and audio---large print coming soon!): 

At Seattle Spice in the Pike Place Market, owner Pepper Reece is savoring her business success, but soon finds her plans disrupted by a killer…

Pepper Reece’s to-do list is longer than the shopping list for a five-course dinner, as she conjures up spice blends bursting with seasonal flavor, soothes nervous brides fretting over the gift registry, and crosses her fingers for a rave review from a sharp-tongued food critic. Add to the mix a welcome visit from her mother, Lena, and she’s got the perfect recipe for a busy summer garnished with a dash of fun. 

While browsing in the artists’ stalls, Pepper and Lena drool over stunning pottery made by a Market newcomer. But when Lena recognizes the potter, Bonnie Clay, as an old friend who disappeared years ago, the afternoon turns sour. To Pepper’s surprise, Bonnie seems intimately connected to her family’s past. after Bonnie is murdered only days later, Pepper is determined to uncover the truth. 

But as Pepper roots out long-buried secrets, will she be digging her own grave?

Leslie Budewitz is the author of the Food Lovers’ Village Mysteries and the Spice Shop Mysteries—and the first author to win Agatha Awards for both fiction and nonfiction. The 2015-16 president of Sisters in Crime, she lives in northwest Montana with her husband, a musician and doctor of natural medicine, and their cat Ruff, a cover model and avid bird-watcher.

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  1. I have no idea what it is about cabbage slaw, but I love it on all of my Mexican food. This looks good!

  2. Looks tasty and delicious. A double win!

  3. The cabbage slaw keeps, too. I made this last week, then we went away for a long weekend, and finished the leftovers last night -- still yummy!

  4. Another winning recipe, Leslie. I love tacos and new slaw recipes too. Thank you!

    1. They'll definitely help you get those veggies in!

  5. My husband is also a devoted taco lover. I will have to make these for him!

  6. Those look delicious! I am reading Killing Thyme right now and loving it. Happy book birthday to Linda!

    1. So glad you're enjoying Killing Thyme. I adore the look on the dog's face on the cover!