Friday, February 3, 2017

Passion Fruit Revisited

A quick update to my passion fruit post from last week. Here is what the fruit looked like when I first bought it.

Here is what the rest of the same fruit looked like at the store a week later.

Ripe? Too ripe? Maybe this later version tastes better eaten raw, as some people have suggested, but would you buy it in a store?


  1. Goes against instinct to buy a wrinkled fruit or veggie.

  2. Krista, I understand your concern, but those wrinkly ones are, in fact, just right!
    Sheila, try one and see what it tastes like.
    You should be pleasantly surprised.

    1. The first picture, from last week, is what they look like when they fall off the vine.
      The second picture, from this week, is what they look like when they've had time to ripen off the vine.

  3. We grow wild ones here and I keep trying to get up the nerve to eat them. Maybe this year will be the year.