Monday, October 31, 2016

Whoooo. Who?

I wish I were this clever. I spotted these little guys on Pinterest (by Jenn Erickson) and tried to recreate them. We had a family brunch and they were (dare I say it?) a hoot! In fact, one person declared that the owls were mighty tasty!

I love several things about these.

1. You probably have everything at home.
2. They're healthier than chocolate.
3. They're very forgiving to make and quite cute.

Owl Ingredients:

yellow mustard
black olives
a slice of red pepper (optional, see instructions)
baby spinach leaves

Hard boil the eggs. Place eggs in enough water to cover them plus an inch, cover, and bring to a boil. Turn off the heat but leave the cover on and the pot on the burner. Set the timer for 18 minutes. When done, pour out the water, flush with cold water, and shock by adding ice cubes.

(Note: older eggs peel better than fresh ones. If you have farm fresh eggs, plan ahead and leave them in the fridge a couple of weeks to age first.)

Peel the eggs and slice in half. Place the yolks in a food processor with mayonnaise and mustard. Pulse until blended and taste. Add salt and adjust the mayo and mustard to your liking. Pulse again.

I used a disposable pastry bag and a large tip to fill the eggs. I would recommend using a medium tip. I tried to make the "feathers" by dragging fork tines through the filling. Don't do that! Bad idea. Fill the egg, then draw the tip down the middle and along each side. Add yellow dots for the eyes.

Slice olives. Place rounds at the top on each yellow dot for eyes. Cut slices into small bits for pupils.

Cut the red peppers in very small triangles. Place under the eyes as beaks. Note that I made one with an olive beak in case you don't happen to have a red pepper. He looks just as cute.

Cut baby spinach leaves in half and place them on the sides as wings.

Red beak or black beak?

Add spinach leaf wings.


Coming February 7th!


  1. Love this idea/recipe for Deviled Egg Owls! Looking forward to reading the newest Paws and Claws book

    1. Thanks, Diane! I hope you'll like the new book.

  2. How cute is that?!
    No trick here--just a treat.

  3. How cute! At first I thought they were made with acorn squash. Not enough coffee yet, I guess. Happy Halloween and looking forward to your latest book.

    1. I guess you could make them with acorn squash. It would be a lot more work, though. If you try, let us know!!!

  4. Those are very cute and would be very tasty!

  5. How clever, and I bet they are delicious! Happy Halloween!

  6. I thought they were a fun change, Celia. You don't have to be a kid to enjoy them.

  7. i love these! i cant wait until the next book is released. i need one every month. think you could handle that, lol

  8. This is fabulous, Krista! Whoooo would have thought tasty goodies could be so adorable?

  9. Love them!
    Nancy R, Ottawa

  10. Ohhhhh so adorable. I'll have to do this for my nieces and nephew.