Thursday, October 13, 2016

Quinoa and veggies with turkey filet recipe from Linda Wiken, Author, @LWiken

This past weekend we celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving and this year, the turkey plus trimmings dinner was held at my sister’s house. The good thing, for me, was not having to cook the turkey plus trimmings thus having to deal with all the clean-up. :) The bad thing was, no leftover turkey to pick at. However, I was lucky enough to snag a care pack of leftovers for one meal.

So, wanting more turkey in my life, I decided to buy some filets. The next question was, do I go with mashed potatoes again? No. Time to switch this turkey up and my go to was a hot quinoa salad. Mixing the seasons, if you will. And, the result was a tasty idea for a lunch for two.

There are so many recipes and ideas available for quinoa salads since it's a really great ingredient to play with.  I've added the veggies to make it more of a meal. Have fun adding your own favorites..

And, because I always like things a bit on the hot and spicy scale, I decided to use Garam Masala as a rub for the turkey filet. Maybe because it's a spice I don't often use.  Here again, use what pleases your palate. These are suggestions but they're ones that pleased me.


1/2 c chopped green onions 
1 1/2 garlic cloves, chopped into tiny pieces but not minced
1 c. diced sweet red pepper
1/2 c chopped walnuts
1 small bunch of spinach, chopped  
pinch of Himalayan salt 
olive oil to saute veggies
1 1/2 c. quinoa 
1 3/4 c. chicken broth
2 turkey filets
Garam masala - enough to use as a rub (about 1 tsp.)
olive oil for basting turkey
Prepare veggies first by slicing and dicing. Set aside until quinoa is on the go.

Cook quinoa according to package instruction or if none, add 1 broth and bring to a boil. Add quinoa, cover and cook on low heat for 12-15 min.

Fire up the grill. Baste turkey filets with olive oil and use preferred amount of Garam Masala as a rub. This will add a tantalizing spicy complement to the quinoa.

When the grill reaches 400, add the filets for approx. 10 min. depending on thickness, turning them over half way.

Add olive oil to sauté pan when hot, then add garlic, green onions, red pepper, spinach and a pinch of salt.

When wilted, approx. 5 min., remove from heat.  Stir into the quinoa when it's ready.

Plate the quinoa and add the turkey filet.

A fresh green salad would go nicely with this dish or add more veggies as a side.

How do you like your turkey? Traditional or ???

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  1. What a great and tasty idea!
    I love turkey in almost any form. My kids, not so much. Now that they are grown they tolerate it at Thanksgiving.

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our Canadian friends.

    1. Thanks, Libby. I can't believe there's somebody who doesn't like turkey but my own niece and her family are so-so when it comes to eating it, also. More for us, right?

    2. Absolutely! And leftovers are great!