Thursday, September 8, 2016

Grilled chicken and sausage platter @LWiken Linda Wiken, author #cozy mystery

This summer has turned out to be an ideal one for writers' retreats. I know, someone commented on Facebook saying we didn't call it a 'writing' retreat. But believe me, we did do the work, and then the play. And then, of course, the eating!

The fun part is sharing making a meal. I partnered with best writing buddy Victoria Abbott aka Mary Jane Maffini, and provided the protein part of the supper.

 I'd had this grilled mixed platter of chicken breasts and sausage before, at our annual book club pool party, when host Cath Morris served it up tasty and tempting.

I decided to make some subtle changes which is easy to do. Just play around with the chicken -- I'd imagine a whole chicken, cut up, works just as well as only breasts. And for the sausage, I chose my favorite, hot Italian which I think always sets off a summer meal.

It's easy and tasty. Hope you like it!

Serves 5:

4 boneless, skinless halved chicken breasts
4 hot Italian sausages
bag of fresh mixed salad greens (arugula was what the original recipe called for)

I prepared them nice and simply using olive oil, and a citrus lime dressing I often use. I'll include that recipe sometime soon.

 To prepare the sausages...
 just add olive oil!

Grilling takes about 8 minutes to each side on medium, although it depends on how hot your BBQ is. I turned the sausages more frequently to get an even grill.

Plate the field greens then top with the chicken and sausage, sliced.

Add accompaniments and voila....

Equals five happy mystery writers!

(I'm there, too...taking the photos!)

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  1. Work hard, play hard, eat well.
    A well balanced life!

  2. And being one of the lucky writers, I can attest that the dish was delicious.

  3. from Nancy R - looks like a delicious time! (pun intended)
    I'd love the recipe for the citrus lime; also what herbs are on the chicken.

  4. I will include the citrus lime sometime in the near future. If you email me at, I'll send it to you directly.
    Thanks for asking about the herbs. In such a beautiful setting, I totally forgot to pay attention to what I was supposed to do. I used Herbs d'provence.

  5. I loved this then and still do! XO MJ/VA