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Easy Mock Tiramisu #recipe from author @DarylWoodGerber


From Daryl aka Avery:

I love tiramisu, but I can't have it out at restaurants because it has gluten in it. Those sweet little ladyfingers. Well, I found some ladyfingers that are gluten-free, and I thought, I must try to make tiramisu for the holidays. EXCEPT tiramisu has egg whites in them, uncooked, and I sort of panicked. I mean, I know all the stories about what can happen when eating raw eggs. I used to make a killer egg nog for the holidays but it was all raw eggs. Sure, I thought the brandy included in the recipe killed any harmful stuff, but after a year or two, I got leery and no longer made the egg nog.  Sigh.

But I found this "mock" recipe for tiramisu from Martha Stewart online. Her recipe uses real ladyfingers and she uses instant espresso. I have an espresso machine!!  Lucky me!  So could use the real thing, and I would imagine it makes a difference.

So for your holiday pleasure, whether for Christmas or New Year's or just whenever, here's a delicious EASY mock Tiramisu recipe to delight your palate.


Easy Mock -Tiramisu
Gluten-free tweaked from recipe by Martha Stewart online
“Mock” because there are no raw egg whites involved.


1 ¾ cup espresso coffee
1 bar (8 ounces) mascarpone cheese
3/4 cup heavy cream
1/3 cup sugar
15-18 ladyfingers (I used Schär brand, found online and in specialty stores)
Unsweetened cocoa powder, for dusting


In a medium bowl, using an electric mixer, beat the mascarpone cheese with heavy cream and sugar until light and fluffy, about 2-3 minutes. It should hold stiff peaks. Do not over-whip or you’ll make butter.

In a two-quart dish (I only had slightly larger bowl to use; my 2-quart baking dish hit the floor on Thanksgiving), spread a few tablespoons of cream-cheese mixture at the bottom.

Make the espresso coffee.  [Martha used instant espresso with hot water; I have an espresso machine.]

In a pie plate, set out one layer of ladyfingers (6-7). Drizzle espresso over them and flip so they get saturated. Some might break. That’s okay. You don’t even be able to tell. Set the ladyfingers on top of the cream-cheese mixture.

Now spread one-third of the cream-cheese mixture on top of the ladyfingers. You might need wet fingers to even it out.

Repeat two more times with the ladyfingers soaked in espresso, setting them on top of cream-cheese mixture, then topping with cream–cheese mixture.  

At the last, it might not look pretty until you spread the cream-cheese mixture to reach all the sides of the bowl.

Then using a sifter, dust the top of the dessert with cocoa. Cocoa makes everything pretty!  

May be served right away or can be refrigerated, covered, up to 1 day.

Savor the mystery and say cheese!

Daryl Wood Gerber aka Avery Aames
Tasty ~ Zesty ~ Dangerous!

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  1. I have never eaten tiramisu but it looks delicious! Thank you for the GF recipe.

  2. Replies
    1. The recipe didn't call for it and I didn't miss it. The espresso added plenty of flavor. ;)

  3. I'm thinking I might add a little kahlua in the soaking mixture. YUM!

  4. Where does the name lady finger come from?

  5. I love tiramisu and for those we don't like the alcohol in it, this recipe is perfect. I use Kahlua or a really good coffee brandy if I make it for those3 who like the extra zip to it. I have seen recipes with just about every kind of alcohol used too, some of which would not be as good as leaving it plain or with a coffee flavored alcohol. You don't need much of the alcohol to get that punch from it. Thank you for the reminder of this very easy dessert that I have not made in a couple of years now. Happy holidays and a wonderful New Year to everyone.
    Cynthia B.

  6. I had no idea that tiramisu contains raw egg whites, Daryl! Your recipe sounds great, thanks for sharing! Maybe Santa will bring you a new casserole dish – lol! :-)