Saturday, September 5, 2015

Dirty Dr. Pepper #Recipe @PegCochran

I'd heard of dirty martinis--a character ordered one in a movie--I think it was one of the Ironman movies.  I had no idea what it was so of course, being ever curious, I had to look it up.  You probably already know that a dirty martini has some of the olive juice added to it.

I recently came across the term "Dirty Dr. Pepper."  A little research revealed that it is a drink created by a soda shop somewhere in Utah.  It sounded like the perfect non-alcoholic drink to serve at a Labor Day get-together.

All the recipes I found varied in terms of quantity and while most recipes called for coconut syrup, some suggested vanilla or even fruit flavors.  I happened to have a bottle of vanilla syrup on hand so I went with that.  My glass only held a half a can of soda so if you are doctoring (no pun intended) a whole can, double the quantities.  Of course they are fluid--use less or more to taste.

Fill a tall glass with ice--crushed ice if you have it

Squeeze in the juice of a quarter of a lime (I would add more next time because it tasted so refreshing.)  Add lime wedge to glass

Grab your can of Dr. Pepper (you can substitute Coke if you like and use diet or regular soda)

Pour Dr. Pepper or soda of your choice over ice

Add a tablespoon of syrup--in this case vanilla--or more to taste

Add a drizzle of cream (optional but yummy)

Stir, add a straw and ENJOY.  Ahhhhhhhh...

Out now! #1 in my Cranberry Cove Series
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  1. Thanks for the information. I would have never thought to add these flavorings to Dr. Pepper.

  2. An Italian soda, made with American pop! Fun!

  3. I can't wait to try it with the coconut syrup--I love Dr. Pepper, and this recipe is another great way to enjoy it (my favorite is Dr. Pepper Cake--it is amazing!)~

    1. I will have to look for the cake recipe! My husband is addicted to diet Dr. Pepper. It's the only diet soda he will drink--and he needs to avoid sugar so he doesn't have much choice!

  4. Hmm, another twist on Dr. Pepper! We used to drink it hot (think warm apple cider) but you put lemon slices in the pan when you heated it.

  5. Oh, so tasty! Thanks for the alternative to wine coolers and beers!

  6. I live in Texas so Dr. Pepper is almost our state soft drink. Growing up, we always had Dr. Pepper with cherry or vanilla. I will definitely try this sounds great! I just picked up Berried Secrets at the library...I'm just getting ready to start it.

  7. Fun, Peg. Sounds delicious!

    ~Daryl / Avery

  8. LOVE---I don't drink alcohol so I love finding new recipes for "mocktails". I am a big fan of Shirley Temples and Roy Rogers; so now another to add to the list. Sounds like such a fun drink. I guess I am picking up some Dr Pepper when I hit the market.

  9. I will go with regular Dr. P but the rest sounds heavenly!!! Thanks. Dr. Pepper with vanilla...never thought of it

  10. In will definitely try that with my next sofa drink. It sounds so refreshing. Thank you

  11. Huh. I love Dr. Pepper, but have never heard of a dirty one, unless you count me spilling it outside. I do put lime in my Pepsi, I should try this version of a Pepper!