Saturday, March 21, 2015

Reuben Dip

from Peg Cochran

Yes, I know St. Patrick's day is over...but this dip is great at any time.  I was going to a St. Patty's day party and wanted to make something vaguely Irish (this has corned beef in it--that counts, right?)  Anyway, it was hugely popular and a number of people asked for the recipe.

The original recipe comes from Taste of Home, but of course I tinkered with it a bit.  You can make this in a 1 1/2 quart slow cooker.  I didn't have time for the slow cooker so I popped it in the oven for about 30 minutes at 350 first then transferred it to the slow cooker to take to the party.


4 2-ounce packages of deli corned beef, sliced finely (or, you can buy 1/2 pound at the deli counter)
1 8-ounce package of cream cheese, cut into small pieces
1 8-ounce can sauerkraut, rinsed and drained
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup Russian dressing (I made it with mayo, ketchup and pickle relish)
1 cup shredded swiss cheese
cocktail rye or crackers for serving

Combine all the ingredients in your slow cooker and cook for approximately two hours until the ingredients are melted and the flavors are melded!  (Or start it in the oven as above and transfer to your slow cooker to keep warm.)  My small slow cooker only has one temperature so cook on low if you're not in a hurry and high if you are--but to keep it warm, be sure to turn to low.

NOTE:  I would have liked a bit more of a sauerkraut taste so next time I will either add more, or not rinse it.

Shredded corned beef

Mix all ingredients together

Cook in your slow cooker or use it to keep dip warm

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  1. Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Sounds yummy! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Looks great. I have been making a Reuben Loaf for years. This is a lot easier and might tide the family over in between loaves.

    1. Now I'm dying to know what goes into a Reuben loaf!

    2. I've never had Reuben loaf--that sounds delicious. I'm going to have to look for that recipe.

    3. The Reuben Loaf is a "meal-in-a-loaf" Fleischmann's Yeast recipe I cut out of a magazine years ago (I think the folded corner of the page says 1984 ;-) ). It's a yeast dough rolled out on a baking sheet, layered with thousand island dressing, sliced corned beef, swiss cheese and sauerkraut. The dough is then sliced in strips and folded over the filling. It rises (and heats a little) by sitting covered over boiling water. Eggs whites and caraway seed on top and bake. It's not a difficult recipe but you do have to mess with dough.

    4. That sounds delicious! I may try that for our next potluck!

  4. sounds wonderful Peg! I can see why they wanted the recipe...

  5. Now I'm curious about a Reuben loaf, too! I bet this was a hit at the party, Peg!

  6. I had to check it out--

    This dip sounds quite ingenious. Who would have thought? Maybe some mustard?
    Let us know how the additional sauerkraut works.

    1. Thanks for the recipe! Yes, I bet a bit of mustard would be excellent in this!

  7. I have pinned the recipe, will have to try it sometime. So many recipes, so little time...

  8. Both recipes sound so creative! It's a great combination of flavors (sez my adult self--my child self hated all the individual parts and wouldn't go near them). What would you suggest for dipping in the dip?

  9. This is a very clever recipe, Peg. I'll bet it would be great for entertaining, too. (Hey, New York Deli party, anyone?) I'm going to whip this dish up, and soon.

    ~ Cleo