Thursday, January 1, 2015


Happy New Year!!!!!


We hope you and yours will have a wonderful new year, full of new challenges, exciting joys, delicious successes!

Here are a few of our resolutions. We're sure you could add to the list:

Daryl aka Avery:
I resolve to not beat myself up. [I'm really good at asking too much of myself...perfectionist, type A, whatever you want to call it.  I resolve, resolve, resolve to do better.]  I also resolve to think happy, positive thoughts whenever I meet an obstacle in the road, i.e. a curmudgeon, a stickler, a sourpuss. Bah humbug. Who needs to get upset just because someone else is not smelling the roses? I resolve...and this is the tastiest resolution...I resolve to try all sorts of new recipes, not just my go-to recipes. Hopefully I can share them all with you. And lastly, I resolve to read more. I must find the time. Between writing and promoting and family and, well, life, it's hard, but I must, must, must read more!! Books and stories matter. How about you?

Sheila: My top-of-the-pile resolution? Get my filing done! Yes, gentle readers, I save things on paper (as well as electronically). I get a special thrill from stumbling upon an article I clipped out five years ago and finding a great story idea, and it does happen. But not when all those lovely ideas are still in stacks on the floor. Heck, my cookware is better organized than my paper records, and the cookware takes up an entire pantry as well as part of the kitchen.

Part of my vintage bakeware collection--I ran out of shelves so now they
hang on the wall
And we all need to resolve to enjoy the journey. Writing isn't always easy (or maybe it's all the other stuff that comes with it that isn't), but we are writing books that make readers happy, which is a good thing and should make us happy as well.

Krista: I love that Sheila! I'll add that to my list - remember to enjoy the journey!

I'm very big on resolutions and have found that they can really make a difference. This year I'm going to de-clutter. I'm attacking the attic, the basement, and the garage. In other words, the places that seem to collect things that really ought to move on. Oh, and I'm cleaning out my clothes closet, too. I just read that the best way to do that is to empty the whole closet on your bed, because you can't sleep until you organize it all! Don't think I'm going that route! But I do plan to take clothes to the women's shelter and Goodwill. And all the things I've tossed in the box marked Ebay are finally going to be sold. Yup. This is the year.

While I'm de-cluttering physical things, I'm going to reconsider my daily schedule. Too often, my plans are sabotaged by things that demand priority. I'm not quite sure how to handle those unexpected must-be-done now items. Suggestions welcome!

Peg: Krista, I love the idea of dumping your whole closet out on your bed!  Knowing me, though, I'd just go sleep in the guest room!

I resolve in 2015 to make time for ME.  I know that sounds selfish, but it's not really--I put everyone and everything ahead of the things I need to do for myself.  And the biggest thing I need to do for myself is to exercise.  Not so I'll fit into a size zero (as if that would ever happen--I like to eat too much!) but to stay healthy.  I want to work on my flexibility because I get stiff and achy after so many hours in front of the computer. I also want to increase my stamina (my girlfriend, who is the same age I am, just ran a half-marathon so that blows my excuse of being too old to run right out of the water.) I also want to build strength. I'm pretty strong already, but my granddaughter keeps getting heavier, and if I want to pick her up, I've got to keep up!  What's on your list for the new year? 

LUCY BURDETTE: I like some of your ideas a lot! Enjoy the journey, read more, stay positive! But to do all that, I think I have to watch how much time and energy gets sucked into the Internet. Honestly, I nip over to research one fact, and fifteen minutes later, I can't even remember what I went for.
And in order to read more, I need to check out of device-land earlier.

I was going to resolve to make a croquembouche or tower of profiteroles, but make that a "maybe." The profiteroles, a definite!

Happy new year friends!! xo

Cleo Coyle: Marc and I have the same resolution for 2015. Last year, we each lost a good friend. Both were good men and great writers. Losing them so young has changed our outlook, and we resolve to carry that change into the new year. 
Every sunrise is precious; every sunset worth pausing to appreciate. Each day is a gift, and we resolve to see it as another chance to choose joy. 

Wishing all of our readers and blog followers 

an abundantly Happy New Year!


  1. Happy New Year! I resolve to slow down and enjoy all of the little things that make life interesting. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity! (Kinda neat to be the first post, too.)

    1. Cane mom, happy new year! Slowing down is so important!! Enjoy the journey.

      Daryl & everyone

    2. Happy new year CM! so glad you stopped by. I love your resolution, we should all try some of that! xxoo Lucy

    3. It's hard to slow down in this fast paced world, but so worth it!

  2. Wishing you all a very happy new year!

  3. Happy New Year to each of you! I wholeheartedly embrace all of your resolutions, and hope that I can stick to a few myself. I'd also love to squeeze in more time to read, and look forward to all of your new releases in 2015!

    1. Linda, read!! Read!! Enjoy the time.

      Daryl & all of the gals at MLK

    2. Thanks so much Linda--we look forward to them too:) xo

    3. Reading is good for whatever ails you. If you're down, it can take you away from your problems. If you're happy, it can make you happier. Treat yourself!

    4. Linda, I'm with you--let's enjoy reading more in 2015!

  4. Happy New Year! Thanks for all you do!

    1. Happy new year Elaine! thanks for being a part of our lives! xo

    2. Looking forward to the new year and hope I can read many more of the new authors I just found.