Saturday, January 3, 2015

Butter Pecan Bars

From the kitchen of Peg Cochran

I had planned to share this recipe with you because it was sooooo good, and then I thought, "more cookies!"  We've just had a plethora of cookie and goodie recipes over the Christmas season.  Now is the time for some lean cuisine to fit in with everyone's new year resolutions.

But you still need cookies for your book club meeting, right?  And the PTO bake sale, no?  And to offer your neighbor when she pops over for tea, of course.  So, here is another cookie recipe you can keep in your pocket for when needed (like for after dinner tonight maybe?)  The recipe comes from our local newspaper, the Grand Rapids Press, courtesy of Jessica Webster.

The cool thing about these cookies is they can be baked in a jelly roll pan--which I did, and they come out almost like toffee, or in an 8 x 8 pan which results in a brownie-type cookie (so the article says, I made mine in a jelly roll pan.)

So without further ado, here is the recipe:

2 large eggs
1 cup brown sugar, packed
1 cup white granulated sugar
3/4 cup butter, melted
1 1/4 cups flour
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 cup chopped pecans

Beat eggs in a large bowl.  Mix in brown and white sugars (I used my stand mixer.)  Pour in melted butter and blend.

Add vanilla and flour and mix well.  Stir in chopped nuts.

Spread on a greased 10 x 15 inch jelly roll pan.  (Note:  I lined my pan with parchment paper sprayed with cooking spay which I cut to hang slightly over the edges.  That made it really easy to lift the entire pan of cookies out to a cutting board which made for easier cutting.)

Lift out of the pan by holding the edges of the parchment paper

Or, spread in a greased 8 x 8 inch square pan.

Bake at 350 degrees for 40 minutes if using the square pan or 25 to 30 minutes if using the jelly roll pan.  As usual, your oven mileage may vary so check frequently for doneness.  They are done when the top is browned slightly and the cookies are pulling away from the edges of the pan.  Cool before cutting.

I transferred the whole batch to my cutting board and cut into small squares--they are very rich!  And if they're small, you're perfectly justified in taking more than one.  They freeze well so keep a batch in your freezer for those times when you need a homemade cookie.

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  1. Peg, I just love the jelly roll pan idea, and anything that comes out tasting like toffee is a plus for me. Thank you for this easy and delicious treat.

    ~ Cleo

    1. Cleo, I'm a toffee fan, too! I'm not a huge sweet eater anymore, but I loved these.

  2. There is no such thing as too many cookie recipes. But you actually manage to get them to the freezer before someone eats them all? Now, where's my jellyroll pan...

    1. I had to sneak them to the freezer when hubby wasn't looking! But I did leave some out for immediate consumption.

  3. Beautiful, yummy and practical! I also love the idea of the jelly roll pan and having an extra treat in the freezer.

    Happy and Delicious New Year!



    1. Thanks for the new year wishes, MJ and to you, too!

  4. Toffee? I'm in! These sound perfect. Freezable and quick to bake. Those are huge pluses for busy people. I'm always asked how Sophie can have treats in her freezer ready to pull out when someone drops by. These are a perfect example. Can't wait to try them! Looking forward to seeing yur cover, too!

    1. These came together very quickly, too--I think Sophie would approve!

  5. I'm not much of a sweet eater myself but my husband really likes his cookies. I will have to try these...

  6. Love toffee anything! Yum! I don't have a book club meeting to attend, but I have a book to read. Does that count?

    Daryl / Avery

    1. I definitely think it counts: book + cookies + tea = cozy writer.

  7. These sound irresistible!
    Maybe we can get a comparison shot of a jelly roll pan bar next to an square pan bar.
    Any volunteers?

    1. You're tempting me, Libby! LOL. We finished the last cookie last night, and I'm still sad...

    2. Oh, go for it! You know you want to.
      We're all cheering you on!

  8. Peg, I'll have to try these soon. They look and sound sinfully delicious! Really looking forward to your new Cranberry Cove series. And always love Lucille!