Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Mushroom Soup by @DarylWoodGerber

During the fall, I love to try out new soups. I have this fabulous cookbook from Williams-Sonoma Kitchen Library called "Soups." That's it. Plain and simple. Soups. I've tried a number of soups in the book. The onion soup is divine. The pumpkin soup with Gruyere, delish! [I shared that recipe two years ago.]

I had a craving for mushrooms. Whenever I go out to a nice restaurant, they seem to have mushroom soup on the menu and I wish I could order it, but soups at restaurants always seem to be packed with flour (gluten). A big no-no for me. So if you're cooking at home, and you'd like something simple but decadent, go for this! It's such a pretty first course. It would also serve as a main course if you serve it with a salad.
Mushroom Soup Recipe
Ala William Sonoma Kitchen Library “Soups”

2 pounds fresh mushrooms
¼ cup vegetable oil
¼ cup unsalted butter
4 large shallots, finely chopped
2 tablespoons all purpose flour (**I substituted cornstarch to make this gluten-free)
5 cups heavy cream
pinch of fresh nutmeg (I used dried spice from a jar)
salt and white pepper (I used a teaspoon each)
2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh chives
1 tablespoon finely chopped fresh parsley (I skipped the parsley)

Set aside 4 attractive mushrooms. Finely chop the remaining mushrooms. [I used my food processor.]

In a large saucepan, warm the oil and butter over medium heat. Add the chopped mushrooms and shallots, raise the heat, and sauté, stirring frequently until the vegetables cool down to a thick, dark brown paste (about 25-30 minutes). Partway through the cooking time, when the mushrooms’ liquid has evaporated, sprinkle in the flour (or cornstarch, if substituting), and then stir it in.

Add the cream and deglaze the pan by stirring and scraping to dislodge any browned bits. Simmer, stirring occasionally, until thick, 15-20 minutes more.

In small batches, purée the soup in a food processor or a blender (I used the blender). Return the purée to the pan and heat gently, stirring in the nutmeg, salt, and white pepper. [Add more, if desired, to taste.]

Meanwhile, cut the reserved mushrooms into slices about ¼ inch thick. In a small bowl, toss them with the lemon juice. [This keeps them from turning or oxidizing.]

Ladle the soup into bowls and garnish with the mushroom slices, chives, and parsley.


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  1. Luscious, elegant mushroom soup! What a wonderful idea on a grey and chilly day. (Since I'm in south Florida, I don't dare say "cold".)

    1. Libby, I understand. I'm in California, and it's never "cold" here. Except there are times. The blood thins. I remember being really cold when living in CT!!


  2. I adore soup, but I don't think I've ever had mushroom soup! Time to remedy that!

    1. Peg, definitely. It's so yummy!!! My hubby's second favorite next to French onion soup.

  3. Never had mushroom soup but I might just have to try this one. Looks great. Thank you for sharing.

  4. I have made Modern Mrs. Cleaver's Mushroom Soup several times and I love it! I will have to try this recipe. Mushroom soups are so good! The book looks yummy, too!

  5. I never thought mushroom soup would look good enough to eat! Thank you for sharing the recipe. :)