Sunday, November 30, 2014

Serving Spirits for the Holidays? Jack Shepard, PI Ghost, offers himself and Irish Coffee via Cleo Coyle

Something spooked our scheduled guest today, so we asked a good friend of ours to step in. Meet Jack Shepard, the hardboiled PI star of our Haunted Bookshop Mysteries

Take it away, Jack!

~ Cleo Coyle


Jack Shepard will be right over...

Jack: Hello Guys and Dolls, had enough turkey yet? Or maybe you’re just tired of sitting around the dining room table with a bunch of turkeys? 

Cleo: Hey, Jack, watch the attitude. And remember what I told you about your language. This blog is G-rated. Keep it clean.

Jack: Okey-doke, doll. I'll do my best.
If your audience is serving spirits this holiday season, I'll be right over. I've got a recipe for them, too. It's a nice warm drop for a cold winter's night . . . or afternoon...

The view from Cleo's
window in Queens, New York

Cleo: I'm listening, Jack. So what is this "warm drop" for a cold winter's night?

Jack: Irish Coffee, doll. Didn't you read the headline? Hey, wait a minute, there's coffee in it, so it's a breakfast beverage, too, right? 

Cleo: Irish Coffee for breakfast? I don't know...

Jack: My gal pal, Penelope McClure (that's "Pen" for short), you remember her, don't you? She owns Buy The Book, that quaint little shop in Quindicott, RI, that I like to haunt . . . anyway Pen calls this drink the "breakfast of champions for the film noir" set. 

Cleo: Did you actually type film noir, Jack? I can't believe it. Don't you have a problem with that term.

Jack: Don't remind me. And don't get me started on a flock of over-educated critics giving a French name to a bunch of B-movies that couldn't afford color. This 21st Century of yours is a circus with one too many clowns. Why I stick around for this silliness, you tell me.

Cleo: I will, Jack, and her name is Pen.

Jack: No comment. But I will present Pen's question for the ages: Does Film Noir Have a Drinking Problem? You decide...

* * * *

They Drink by Night

"Does Film Noir Have a Drinking Problem?"

Click the arrow in the window above
to watch the video. What's that?
You don't see a window above?
How about a door? Kidding, kidding...

You can also watch the video
on YouTube by
clicking here.

* * * * 

Baileys Irish Coffee with Irish Whiskey

Courtesy Jack Shepard, PI, and Baileys


2 ounces Baileys® Original Irish Cream

6 ounces freshly-brewed hot joe

1 ounce Irish whiskey

Whipped Cream (optional, unless you're a dame)

Jack's Directions: Combine Baileys, coffee, whiskey, top with whipped cream (if you're a dame) and enjoy.

Oh, yeah. The scribblers tell me that the Baileys people are hawking other flavors. You dolls might like 'em. Me? I'll stick to the original and Jameson, thanks.

Love, Jack

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Cleo: Thanks for stepping in today, Jack. I appreciate it. As it happens, I kind of like those other Baileys flavors! Not all are available in the USA, but the list includes Hazelnut, Chocolate, Mint Chocolate, Coffee, Vanilla Cinnamon, Orange Truffle, Biscotti, and the newest one is Chocolate Cherry.

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Cleo: Any parting thoughts, Jack?
Or should I say departing?

Jack: Now who's being a wiseacre?

Cleo: What is it you always tell Pen?

"I'll see you in your dreams."
~ Love, Jack

* * * 

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  1. I love Jack it was nice having him on today. Thanks for the recipe as well Cleo.

  2. Jack, prepare to be twittered. Others should enjoy the experience of your visit.

  3. Ooh vanilla cinnamon. That would go great with a drop or two of Fireball whiskey. Here's lookin' at you Jack.

  4. Jack, I'd be glad to see you in my dreams any time! Cleo....really? Chocolate cherry? Oooohhhh.....

  5. I miss you Jack. See you in my dreams? I'll have a bourbon, neat, ready.

  6. Leave it to Jack and Cleo to step up and take good care of us.
    Its great to "see" you, Jack.

  7. Jack sounds like a funny guy and that is a funny video. There was always a lot of drinking and smoking going on. Seems today everyone is having a glass of wine.

    Love the picture from your window, but better that it's your window and not mine!

  8. Oh yum. Love you Jack.

  9. When will you next book be out? I have missed you!

  10. I love Jack!! I hope to see more of him this year.