Saturday, October 25, 2014

Boo Boo Brownies!

by Peg Cochran

Welcome to Halloween Week!

We have some treats in store for you so stay tuned!  Every day we will feature another Halloween themed recipe for you to enjoy.

These "Boo Boo Brownies" were super fun to make, and a wonderful project to do with children.  I wanted to enlist my four-year-old granddaughter to help, but she's come down with the sniffles unfortunately.  

You can go all domestic goddess and make your own brownies for these, but I cheated and used a mix (and a store brand one at that.) 

I plan to get all this temptation out of the house by bringing these to work and the people there will eat three-day-old doughnuts and leftover pizza that has to be pried out of the box so I don't think they'll notice the difference.

1 box brownie mix (plus whatever your mix calls for)
1 container of rich and creamy vanilla frosting
1 bag marshmallows
1 tube of black decorating gel

Make brownies according to package directions and let cool thoroughly.  Cut brownies into desired squares.

Heat frosting in a microwave safe bowl for 30 seconds, stirring after every ten seconds until thin enough to drizzle.

Top each brownie with a marshmallow.  Drizzle with approximately one tablespoon of frosting--enough to "glue" marshmallow to brownie and nearly cover marshmallow.  Let frosting set approximately half an hour.

Create eyes, nose and mouth with black decorating gel.  Boo!


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  1. So cute Peg--and easy too! Perfect for Halloween. I burst out laughing when you described your co-workers:). xo

    1. Roberta, believe me I wasn't exaggerating! I guess it's the tedium of work that makes everyone seize on any and all leftover food in the breakroom no matter how unappetizing!

  2. These are so cute. What a shame your granddaughter couldn't help. They're a perfect project for kids. I can just imagine them on the table at a Halloween party, too,

  3. These are really fun, Peg and I suspect they're delicious - I'm looking forward to trying them. I also laughed at the lunch colleagues standards! Hope your granddaughter is better in time to enjoy them and Halloween!



  4. Granddaughter Philippa is really into baking and Hallowe'en. She will love these!

    1. Enjoy making them with your granddaughter! They're quite easy to do so lots of opportunities for little hands to help!

  5. Peg, adorable!! Truly. So much fun and fun for kids to make with mom or dad. Love it!

    Daryl / Avery