Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Join Our Blogiversary Party: 5 Delicious Years! + Enter Our Book-a-Day Giveaways #bookgiveaway

This month is our blog's fifth anniversary! Every day, for the next two weeks, we're giving away a book. We're also hearing from our wonderful MLK alums. Here is a fun update from the great and gracious author Julie Hyzy! 

Leave a comment today (answering my question) and enter to win her new release. More on that below. And now...

Take it away, Julie!

~ Cleo

What's new: I'm in the middle of writing the sixth Manor House Mystery - a new Grace book that is yet untitled. GRACE AGAINST THE CLOCK came out July 1st.

My favorite post for MLK was probably this one because I was able to use a few other MLKer's recipes for my party and share one of my go-to favorites as well: 
Puppy Chow (for humans). If you'd like that recipe, click here.

A Blast from our MLK Past...
Puppy Chow for Humans!

What a fun reminder, Julie.
Before you blogged this recipe,
I'd never heard of chocolate
"puppy chow," and I loved it!  
~ Cleo

For the recipe,
click here.

Scrolling through some of my old posts, I realized how much I learned during my time with MLK. And how much more I enjoy cooking and creating these days. 

My time in the kitchen (MLK) has truly enhanced my time in the kitchen here. I've gotten to be a much better cook and I've thoroughly embraced the cooking-as-entertainment mindset. So... thank you to MLK for getting me started down that path.

~ Julie Hyzy

Thank you, Julie, for such a gracious post and for the many fun and fascinating posts you left in our archives. Let's raise a glass together this week to good eating and good reading!

~ Cleo

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~ Cleo


  1. One of my favorite recipes is for Cleo's Black Bean Brownies----that might not be the recipe name, but the brownies have beans in them.

    1. Sue - Right you are, the Black Bean Brownies (from scratch) were the bomb. The secret to black bean brownies (I discovered by making them many times) is in getting those beans pulverized in a food processor or powerful blender. If the beans are pureed well enough and mixed with good quality dark chocolate, all you'll taste is the happy, happy chocolate. Thanks for dropping by, Sue, and helping us celebrate five delicious years!

      ~ Cleo

  2. Wish I could enter, but I don't do Facebook

    1. No worries! You don't have to do Facebook - just leave your little old e-mail address where we can contact you if you win. (True you do need an e-mail address, but if you're online, that's probably the case, right?! :))

      Cheers and enjoy the week!
      ~ Cleo

  3. There was a shepherd's pie recipe that was good.

    1. Sandy - Oh, for sure! We have three shepherd's pie recipes in our archives -- one from Sheila Connolly (who def. knows Irish cuisine!), one from Peg Cochran (who gave us a tasty light version), and one from Jenn McKinlay, too. How do you find them? Easy - for anyone who wants to search our recipe archives, just scroll all the way down the right column and look for the tag words, which are listed alphabetically. There is also a search box in the right column at the start of the list, and you can type in an ingredient to see if there is a recipe for it (chicken, chocolate, cheese, etc...)

      Thanks for dropping in today, Sandy, and good luck in today's drawing!

      ~ Cleo