Saturday, March 1, 2014

"Magic" Omelets

by Peg Cochran

Now you can have breakfast cooking while you're in the shower!  Magic Omelets also make a fun brunch party where everyone can choose their own fillings.

My daughter had a friend in high school who became almost like a daughter to us.  When she was getting married, she asked if she and the bridesmaids could change at our house for the wedding since it was quite close to the venue.  

The girls had to rehearse early in the morning so I decided to plan a brunch for them between the rehearsal and the wedding.   They had great fun putting together these "magic" omelets.  


Eggs (quantity depends on how many you're making)
Your favorite mix-ins:  grated cheese, sliced mushrooms, ham, chopped onions, peppers or tomatoes, etc.
Zip-lock freezer bags

Boil a large pan of water.  If you are making these for a group of people have everyone write their name on their freezer bag with a Sharpie.  

Assemble your fixings.

You can whisk your eggs in a bowl and pour them into the bag or break them into the bag and "squish" them until they are mixed.  Add your choice of mix-ins and "squish" bag to mix.  Squeeze air out of bag and seal.

Place in pot of boiling water and boil for approximately 13 minutes (check doneness after ten minutes)


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  1. I've made these omlettes when I was working with the youth group at church. We did them on a couple of retreats. Very tasty and easy, although the good time made eating in shifts an issue, especially with the impatient Jr. Highers.

  2. What a cool idea! The grown-up version of playing with your food (squish those eggs!), plus not much clean-up.

  3. Such a fun story Peg--I bet those girls had a wonderful time with you. Oh Mark, junior high school kids--you'll get a reward for that:)

  4. That is so cool. I'll have to try this.

  5. It's cool, but I really try to avoid cooking in plastic of any kind. Ziploc bags are not meant to be cooked in. See their website for confirmation.

  6. Anonymous, if you're concerned about cooking in plastic, Ziploc makes a special bag just for that--and I believe, for microwaving. Lucy, I probably had even more fun than the girls! It was great getting a preview of their pretty dresses. One girl was amazed that I had freshly grated cheese. She said her mother did that "once." And yes, Sheia, little clean-up is a bonus!

  7. Who would have ever thought of that? Amazing, Peg!!!


  8. Very clever idea! Glad you didn't go for a microwave "quick fix".

  9. Wow, I had no idea. It's like doing a poached egg with protection! Clever.

    Daryl / Avery

  10. How much fun is this? I have to try them and have to pass this on to friends and family too. Brilliant, Peg!

    Thanks. Looking forward to March 4th!



  11. I'm going to try this out asap. Looks quick and easy.

  12. Clever and simple, Peg. Just the kind of breakfast I can throw together and forget about, until the beeper goes off, anyway. You just improved my morning menu.

    ~ Cleo