Saturday, December 7, 2013

Welcome Guest Dru Ann Love

LUCY BURDETTE: You'll soon see that today's special guest, Dru Ann Love, loves to read, especially cozy mysteries. And so you'll understand that we love Dru Ann--she's like a good fairy for cozies. You can find her on book blog called Dru's Book Musings, and on Facebook, and she also blogs as an honorary Cozy Chick with Dru's Cozy Report. Welcome Dru Ann--we're so happy to have you!

DRU ANN LOVE: I am a lazy cook.  My idea of a good meal is dining at a local restaurant or take-out.  On that rare occasion that I make a dish, one of my favorite (although I am not a huge fan of tuna fish) is my tuna fish casserole. 

I think I got this recipe from my home economics class and of course I did some modifications (do they even still have that in junior high/middle school?) to the recipe and the best part is that it is easy peasy with only four ingredients. 

My idea of baking is setting the oven to 350 degrees and putting the timer on for 30 minutes and only checking on the food when the timer goes off.  Again, this meal meets my qualifications as well.  So, you got an easy peasy recipe that bakes for 20 to 30 minutes in a 350 degree oven.

This allows me the time to read a book, watch TV or do some quilting.

1 box of medium pasta shells (use half the box for this recipe)
1 block of extra sharp cheddar cheese
1 can of solid white tuna in water
Hellman’s mayonnaise


Preheat oven to 350 degrees.

Prepare the pasta as directed on the box.

While the pasta is cooking:

Flake the tuna fish in a bowl and season it (I use a Penzey’s Black and Red spice)

Slice the cheese block into small cubes

Drain the pasta

Put the pasta, the flaked tuna fish, ¾ of the cubed cheese and 2 scoops (I use medium size wooden spoon) of mayonnaise in a mixing bowl.  If you like it cheesy, add all of the cheese.


Mix well; making sure that all the pasta is coated.  Add more mayonnaise if needed. 

 Pour mixture into a cake or loaf pan and bake for 20-30 minutes. 

Take out and let sit for 5 minutes
 and then dig in. 


(and Lucy says--Dru thanks so much for visiting! Dru Ann is so smart--with this recipe, she has all kinds of time left over for her favorite pastimes...)


  1. Dru, this sounds like a good dish that would be quick to prepare. It's always good to have a recipe for a dish that can be put together and on the table when you're in a hurry. Always enjoy your reviews.

    Lucy, thanks for hosting Dru.

    Thoughts in Progress

    1. Hi Mason,

      It really is a quick dish, especially if you do the prep earlier.

    2. Thanks for inviting me Roberta.

  2. A tuna melt in a bowl--that's what this says to me--and I LOVE tuna melts! A fine retro recipe, Dru, thank you for sharing it. And thanks sincerely for all you do for writers and readers. It's great to see you in our Kitchen. I hope you'll come back again. Until then...

    Happy holidays, happy eating...and happy reading!

    ~ Cleo

  3. Easy peasy recipes are the best. As are Penzey's Spices. I need to try that Black and Red!

    1. Krista was the one who introduced me to Penzey Spices.

  4. Dru, what an easy way to make a delicious, protein-filled meal. Thanks for the recipe ~

  5. I'll vote for simplicity! And what a great-looking sewing machine! I'm still using my grandmother's, ca 1963.

    I was at a library yesterday, along with some other local mystery writers, talking to a group of librarians. When they said they didn't know how to find and choose new mysteries, I told them they should look at your blog.

  6. Sliced avocados would be a possible side dish. That's what my Mom used layer across my tuna melt sandwiches. Yummy.

  7. Dru, easy peasy is right. And sometimes that's what readers need. Time to read and not too much time in the kitchen. My character Jenna would appreciate this one!

    Thanks for stopping in at Mystery Lovers Kitchen and thanks for being so generous with your reading/blog/reviews.

    Daryl / Avery

  8. Love tuna melt and I never thought of it that way either...and I can make it gluten free!!!


    1. Yes you can and it will still taste good.

  9. I have never had this! My father wouldn't eat any recipe that had casserole in the name so my mother never made it. I have made a pasta dish that includes tuna and red peppers and is delicious so I will have to try this! Easy peasy is what we all need while we're shopping, wrapping, baking and partying!

    1. I'm not a fan of casserole, but I do like the simplicity of this dish.

  10. This seems easy and looks delicious. I could definitely talk the grandkids into eating it--hmmm perhaps the older grandkids could actually make it. All I'd have to do is the oven part. Dru--thanks!

    1. I hope you try it. You can also add peas to it as well.

  11. Welcome to Mystery Lovers Kitchen, Dru. Great to see you here. Easy peasy gets my vote, even though I love to cook. Tuna casserole was a childhood fave, but I don't make it. That will change with this! I know everyone will love it.

    Then I'll have time to knit while you quilt.



  12. i'm also not a fan of cooking...the only thing i enjoy making is spaghetti.....
    so Dru, i would try your dish!! thanx for the share!!

  13. It sounds delicious, Dru. I've never used Penzey’s Black and Red spice, or seen it.I'm guessing that it's a combo of black and red peppers. I love pepper. Thanks for the recipe!

    1. Yes, it's a combination of black and red peppers and I use it instead of salt.

  14. Welcome, Dru! I'm so happy to see you here. I have to agree with Sheila about your blog. I read it daily to keep up with all the new mysteries.

    Who knew something from home economics would come in handy? I have to say that warm pasta and tuna have long been one of my go-to comfort foods, but it never occurred to me to bake it. This is a very handy recipe, and I bet it's delicious, too!