Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Happy #Halloween Week! This packs a punch!

Happy Halloween!!

I love to dress up, don’t you? There’s something flat-out fun about putting on a costume. You can become whoever you wish to be for one full night. I rarely can get my husband to dress for Halloween. It’s a little silly, for his taste. But we went on a Disney cruise with the family to celebrate a big anniversary for us, and I was able to wrangle him into a pirate costume. Whee! Think I can talk him into putting it on for tomorrow night? Probably not. It’s okay, once a year is a big step!  LOL

Anyway, are you having kids over to celebrate? If so, you probably have all your decorations up, your pumpkin cut, your bagged candy poured into a bowl, and your costume ready.

But did you remember to make punch?  I’ve been scouring the Internet and magazines and cookbooks for colorful (maybe frightful) food and décor to include in my third Cookbook Nook book, which will come out next October (right before Halloween); it features a spoo-o-o-ky theme!  Okay, maybe not spooky, but fun!

While thumbing through the latest Food Network magazine, I saw this punch recipe and knew I had to try it. It isn’t hard to make. And the frozen hand isn’t hard to do, either. It involves freezing punch in a non-powdered latex kitchen glove. Cool, right?

Kids (especially teens) will get a kick out seeing a floating ice hand in their drink. I’ve got to tell you, my husband nearly screamed when he opened the freezer and saw a frozen hand! I’m trying to come up with other ideas that might scare him tomorrow. Suggestions?  (Cue: maniacal cackle.)

This punch is fun for all ages. I’m sure if you want to make it for adults, you can lace it with your choice of hard stuff.

By the way, check out my Pinterest Halloween board to see some of the décor I’ve found online.

(tweaked from recipe found in
Food Network Magazine)


(serves 6-12)

3 cups cranberry raspberry juice
3 cups Hawaiian punch (or similar)
1 12-ounce can Dr. Pepper
1 16-ounce bottle ginger ale

For the “hand”:
1 extra cup cranberry raspberry juice
1 powder-free latex glove.


Fill the power-free latex glove with cranberry raspberry juice. Use a rubber band to tie closed. Freeze at leat 6 hours or overnight. (I hung the glove, using a chip bag clip) on the door side of my freezer, fingers pointing down.

Chill all the rest of the ingredients.

When ready to serve, combine all the liquids. Remove the “hand” from the freezer. Set into the middle of the bowl, curved side up. If desired, cut and peel off the glove, though warning: a finger or two might fall off.

Bubbly fun!
Taking a cue from Cleo, 
I'm starting to make pdfs that you can download.
 Click on the picture to do so.

In addition to punch, I also made this cute hamburger. It's simply a hamburger with cheese cut out (no recipe), but for the little ones in your crowd, they'll enjoy! Needs cheese and a soft-edged knife. Enjoy!

Other fun recipes recently shared in my most recent newsletter:

And take a look at this silly thing. I saw this on a buffet. Maybe you can figure out where to put it in your decor. It's an apple "jaw" with teeth. I used pumpkin seeds. I saw it made with almond slivers. Too fun, right?

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  1. I love a good punch, and that idea for the ice is quite...wait for it...handy. Thanks you, Daryl/Avery for this clever Halloween drink.

    ~ Cleo

    1. Handy, yes. :) I do love finding fun things in magazines and online. It's a whole new world of information!

      Hugs to you and Marc.

      Daryl / Avery

  2. Clever idea to clip the hand while it freezes.
    Love the toothy apple.
    All great fun. Have a happy Halloween!

    1. If I were to do this again, I wonder if I might make it half juice and half water to the hand so it freezes "harder." Then the finger (s) might not fall off. Just an idea.

      Daryl / Avery

    2. And if diluting it makes it too pale, add a drop of coloring.

  3. Love the hand in the punch! What a fun idea for a kid's party (or an adult party if they have a sense of humor!)

    1. You mean some adults don't have a sense of humor??? Gack! LOL

      Daryl / Avery

  4. How much fun is this! Thanks, Daryl, for giving us a hand with our drinks!

    Great ideas and presentation. Hooray for Halloween!

  5. What fun ideas. That face on the cheese is so clever! And I love that your husband got a fright when he found the bloody hand in the freezer!!!!! That's so funny!


    1. Not even a question, my hubby is a bit of a scaredy-cat. He really doesn't like when I say at around 10 at night, while we're reading in bed, Oh, honey, I thought of a great new way to kill somebody. Bwa-ha-ha.