Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Minty Summer Drink Recipe

From Daryl aka Avery

Cheers! This week has been a whirlwind for me. FINAL SENTENCE came out last Tuesday. I've received some lovely reviews from Cozy Mystery Book Reviews and Melina the Readers' blogs.

I then went to Arizona (yes, it was hot! 116 in the shade!!  91 at 5:30 a.m. yipes!!). I went for a Cozy Conference sponsored by Poisoned Pen Bookstore, known as "The Pen." Great event. I was on a panel with the NYT authors Kate Carlisle and Jenn McKinlay (a former MLK'er).

Kate Carlisle, me, and Jenn McKinlay
 I also got to see a sweet friend, author Jane Cleland. She's holding her latest book, Lethal Treasure.
Jane Cleland and me
 We met a few Facebook friends who are AZ residents, including Elizabeth. Darling! And her husband Chris.

Jenn McKinlay with our lovely Facebook pal Elizabeth 

Then yesterday, I flew to New York for Thrillerfest, a conference for thriller writers and fans. [No pix yet!!  Next week.]

I go to this conference not only because I hope to have a thriller published someday but because my sweet son lives in New York. What a great excuse, right? I also get to see my editor. And this Friday, there will be a cocktail party where a couple of fans will attend, one of whom is the delightful Dru Ann love, a die-hard reader and fabulous reviewer on Cozy Chicks.

And then it's back home to write, write, write.

Oh, and I sent off the books to the winners for last week's giveaway. Congrats to NoraA and Linda R. 

Now...before heading for New York, I decided to enjoy the fruits of my garden in a new way. I planted an herb garden this year - just one pot, but it's packed. I wanted to see if the spot in the garden would help the garden thrive. Yes!!!

My mint especially.

I love mojitos. And I love mint in iced tea. But I wanted to see what else I could do with mint. I found this lovely mint drink recipe, non-alcoholic, and decided to try it. The recipe called for honey syrup, but I'd heard so many good things about agave that I decided to try using agave. Yes!

[According to All about Agave website, agave has a low glycemic index.  The glycemic index is a way of measuring the relative impact of foods on blood sugar levels.]

Here's a picture of a chart on the website. I hope they don't mind that I'm sharing, but I was intrigued. Agave has a lower glycemic index than an apple.

The drink is light and lovely and perfect for a summer barbecue.


Non-alcoholic Mint Cocktail

Makes 1 drink


1/4 cup mint leaves
2 tablespoons honey or agave syrup * RECIPE BELOW
2-3 tablespoons lime or lemon juice
Chilled club soda or seltzer


Strip the mint of the stem. Mush the mint at a bottom of a 12-ounce glass with a muddler or spoon or the back of an ice cream scoop. Tip: Do you best not to crush the mint into tiny pieces. Just coax the essence out. Add the cooled syrup and lime or lemon juice. Stir. Add ice and fill to the brim with club soda or seltzer or even Pellegrino water.

Serve chilled.

HONEY or AGAVE SYRUP (for a lot of uses)


1 cup honey or agave syrup
1 cup water


Pour honey and water into a small pot. Bring to boil and stir until honey/agave is dissolved. Set aside to cool.

(If desired, you can add more syrup. If you really like it sweet, add one packet of a non-caloric sweetener.)


* * * * * * *

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  1. Congratulations on the new book! May it find a big audience.

    I love mint. Have you ever tried apple mint (an actual type of mint, not mint + apple)? It's quite nice.
    Here's a refreshing drink from The Deaf Smith County Cookbook 1973 (!)
    Apple-mint Tea
    1 cup chopped fresh mint leaves
    4 cups water to just short of a boil
    Pour water over mint and steep 5 minutes. Strain
    3 quarts apple juice
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1/2 cup honey
    Add these to the mint tea.
    Serve hot in the winter.
    Chill and serve cold in the summer
    Makes a gallon

  2. Libby, sounds fabulous. Love all the other juices included. I definitely will try.


  3. Avery/Daryl - Mint is now on my shopping list (although I wish I had your herb garden and I wouldn't need to buy it, lol)! My plan is to toast your new release with this very recipe. I have agave and honey in the house and now I'm curious to test each one to determine which I like better for sweetening.

    Also - it's great to see you with writer friends. Wonderful pictures and I can't help but grin seeing fellow authors get together to celebrate new releases. Thank you for sharing (both the pics and the recipe) and continued kudos on the launch of your own new series--the Cookbook Nook Mysteries, huzzah!!

    ~ Cleo

  4. I have a bottle of Agave in my pantry. I thought I would try it instead of sugar in drinks. It just doesn't sweeten like sugar. Does anyone else find that?