Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Luscious Peaches with Prosciutto Recipe

Thanks to the research I'm doing for my COOKBOOK NOOK MYSTERY series, I am amassing a whole new library of cookbooks. I can’t seem to help myself. All in the name of research.

I’ve mentioned this before, but peaches are my favorite fruit, and when they’re in season, I’m a nut for peaches. Thanks to a cookbook I found called the Perfect Peach, I’ve been inspired to make a spinach and peach salad and a peach cobbler. This weekend, I made a peach appetizer that was so simple my protagonist Jenna would shout, “Hooray!”

The authors of the cookbook, Nikiko and Masumoto, share wonderful memories throughout this book. I could spend hours reading of the farm and family. And the, wow!!!

For this particular recipe, the authors wanted something that reached out as a thank you to all the people who help them – in bringing produce to the table. 
Not just the farmer, but the workers on the farm, the people supplying the seeds, etc. You get the idea. It takes a village to make one meal. The story brought tears to my eyes.

So from my table (and the authors') to yours:

(tweaked slightly re: proportions)

To serve four people handsomely:

2 peaches sliced in eighths
1 pound prosciutto, cut into thin one-inch slices
12-16 large leaves of basil, rinsed, stem removed


Slice the peaches
Slice the prosciutto
Prepare the basil

Lay one slice of peach in each basil leaf. Using a piece of prosciutto, wrap at the center around the peach/basil combo, twisting or pressing at the end so the prosciutto holds together.

That’s it!  EASY!!!

NOTE: In the Perfect Peach recipe, the skin of the peach is cut off. I prefer the skin on for texture. You can do either.

Also, my husband liked the peach with the prosciutto by itself, no basil. I happen to adore basil and loved the combination.

Eat to your heart’s content!

* * *

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  1. You were so smart to write this new series all about cookbooks! And the recipe looks so elegant. Will try that when the CT peaches come in...

  2. P&P - peaches and prosciutto. Must add another P - perfect! I've had melon and prosciutto, but never peaches. With those beautiful photos, it's a must try. Thanks, Daryl/Avery, and have a delicious day!

    ~ Cleo

  3. Lucy/Roberta,

    I'm having the best time doing research. Who knew when I started writing mysteries that I'd have to cook and do this kind of FUN research!??? :)

    Savor the Mystery! Daryl/Avery
    Daryl on Twitter
    Avery on Twitter

  4. What a treat, Daryl! Our peaches aren't out yet, but I'm going to make this as soon as they're available. We love all those ingredients and I am partial to 3 ingredient recipes.

    Keep having the best time!



    1. MJ, when do peaches come out in Canada? I would figure by August, definitely! Must be a short season.

      PS Lots of my fans are partial to 5 or fewer ingredient recipes. :)

      Savor the Mystery! Daryl/Avery
      Daryl on Twitter
      Avery on Twitter

  5. What a quick and easy snack for unexpected guests. Or to pass around while dinner is on the grill. Very clever.


  6. I wouldn't have thought to serve these together but I'm sure it's delightful. You could even add a touch of a quality balsamic to add to the flavor.