Saturday, June 15, 2013

Roasted Chickpeas

by Peg Cochran

Here is a recipe that Gigi Fitzgerald from my Gourmet De-Lite series would approve of!  It’s a super healthy snack that will satisfy your urge for something crunchy and salty while providing amazing health benefits.  Chickpeas, or garbanzos as they are also known, are a member of the legume family and are a great source of zinc, folate, protein and masses of fiber.  Chickpeas are one of the earliest cultivated legumes—as far back as 7500 years ago!

The recipe is super easy and open to endless variations.

 2 cans (3 cups) cooked chickpeas, drained and rinsed
2 TBL olive oil
½ tsp salt (or to taste)

Preheat oven to 425 degrees
Line a rimmed baking sheet (or cookie sheet) with foil for ease of clean up.
Rinse the chickpeas and dry thoroughly on paper towels.

 You can either put the chick peas in a bowl and toss with the olive oil, salt and any spices you are using or put them on the cookie sheet, add the olive oil, salt and spices and mix them around to coat them.

Bake for 15 minutes, toss the chickpeas around, then bake another 15 minutes or until crunchy.  Mine took quite a bit longer, but I think my oven is a bit off.  The important thing is to keep checking so you don't burn them!

Add more salt and/or spices if necessary.

Along with the salt you can add:
Indian flavor: curry powder & garam Masala
Garlic powder
Mexican flavor:  cumin & chili powder
Cayenne for spice
Paprika—try smoked Spanish paprika

Chickpeas aka garbanzo beans. Dont' know why the picture is fuzzy. Maybe my camera has cataracts?

Rinse well

Dry on paper towels.  It helps to do this on your cookie sheet so you don't have chickpeas rolling all over the kitchen!

I decided to live dangerously and not line the pan with foil.  Nothing stuck! 

Okay, I take lousy pictures.  But at least I'm funny, right?  Right?

Bon Appetit!

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  1. Have to try the chickpeas. Heathy snack is a good thing. Book sounds good, too.

  2. Ah, chickpeas are in the air! Now I have this image of you chasing rolling chickpeas around your kitchen (I'm sure my cats would love to play).

    The recipe sounds tasty, and it's even healthy!

  3. Yes Yoda would love to play too--and you are funny Peg! good recipe idea for a traveling snack...

  4. It turns out that Reg likes chickpeas, too! I'm hoping my granddaughter will like them--she needs more fiber in her diet which right now consists of French fries and chicken nuggets--she's at that icky stage!

  5. This is so easy. I can't believe I've never tried this before. Would they be good in a salad?


    1. Krista, I love chickpeas in salad, and these would add a nice crunch. You just gave me a new idea! Although I'll have to make more--hubby has been slowly devouring them.

  6. Chickpeas are an easy alternative. Love them in salads.

    Re: your camera - maybe you were too steamy? LOL

    Daryl / Avery

    1. Ha, ha, too steamy indeed! I was beginning to think my cataracts had been transferred to my camera!

  7. What a terrific and healthy snack, Peg. Thanks for sharing it!