Thursday, June 20, 2013

Pulled Pork by Lucy Burdette

LUCY BURDETTE: As you heard many times over the past month, I so enjoyed eating during my North Carolina book tour for TOPPED CHEF. Especially eastern Carolina barbecue, which is vinegar-based, rather than made with a red sauce. With company coming last weekend, but the days full of writing and other activities, I had to do something ahead. And I don't own a smoker or a decent crockpot. (I know, what's wrong with me?) I cooked it in a giant pot on low heat right on the stovetop.

The recipe is tweaked from one made by my good friend Joe Kennedy. He can't stand the taste of onions in anything, but I feel they're necessary in this recipe. And the garlic too. The good thing is, you can adjust almost of all of this to your taste. For example, I think the flavor of Liquid Smoke is strong, so I use the smaller amount.

Pulled Pork Ingredients

2 large onions, quartered
2 Tbsp brown sugar
1 Tbsp smoked paprika
1 tsp salt
black pepper
4-6 pound pork roast--avoid loin, it will be dry
1-2 Tbsp Liquid Smoke

For the sauce:

1 cup cider vinegar
1/3 cup Worcestershire sauce
2 tsp sugar
1/2 tsp dry mustard
1-3 garlic cloves, to taste
1 tsp red pepper flakes

Peel the onions, cut in 8ths, and saute them in a small amount of olive oil in a large heavy pot. Mix together the brown sugar, paprika, salt and pepper, and pat this rub all over the roast. Place the roast on top of the onions and sprinkle the liquid smoke on top.

Meanwhile, stir the vinegar and other ingredients together and pour 1/3 of this into the pan, reserving the rest in the refrigerator.
Cook on low for about 3 hours. When it has cooled, remove any bones, extra fat, and the onions, and shred the meat. 

Add the reserved vinegar sauce and red sauce if desired. (I DO desire it, in fact added two jars of Bone-sucking BBQ sauce.) Cook another 45 minutes or so. Taste to correct seasonings.

Serve on toasted rolls with salad or cole slaw.

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  1. Wonderful recipe, Lucy/Roberta, and perfect timing for picnic tables. I'm with you on the onions and garlic, by the way, I could certainly cook without them, but I would definitely miss them in the eating!

    ~ Cleo

    1. Me too Cleo, hard to imagine a lifetime's worth of eating without any onions anywhere!!

      Now, let's go finish our books:)

  2. Wow, Lucy, this looks amazing. Must try when my husband is off his diet. This is one of his favorite meals! I, too, adore onions.

    Daryl / Avery

    PS Congrats on the mention the Journal Sentinel!!

    1. Thanks D/A. Oh your poor husband--he probably got fattened up with all the delicious recipes you've been making for this blog and your books!

  3. Sounds great. That is a lot of Worcestershire sauce. I love something that. pretty much cooks itself and then is useful for more than one meal

  4. I make something like this in the crockpot. So good! One of the local restaurants serves pulled pork with four sauces on the side. I always end up going for the vinegary North Carolina one!