Monday, November 5, 2012

And the SCARIEST Trick or Treater is.... (poll results and prize announcement from Cleo)

Pumpkin Spice Soul Cakes
Download the PDF of this recipe
by clicking here.
Thanks to everyone who left comments on my Halloween "Soul Cake" post last week! If you missed my recipe PDF, which I posted late, click here to download it.

As for who won my Halloween trick-or-treat poll (Who would scare you the most if he or she came to your door on Halloween night?), see the fun results below.


73 of you voted Hannibal Lecter as the trick or treater you would least like to see at your door

23 of you more feared a Politician showing up

21 of you chose the IRS Agent as the person you'd least like to see

14 of you chose that classic blood-sucker, the Vampire

3 of you chose Mystery Writer

2 of you chose a Ghost

Finally, none of you (that’s right 0) chose Tony Soprano. Of course, should the charming mobster come to your door bearing a fist full of a cash, a big screen TV, and a bottle of Chianti, what’s to fear, anyway? (It’s Hannibal we should worry about with the Chianti, right?)


You can't have an election without write-ins, and our poll had some fun ones. There were 13 overall. Here are the results:

4 of you wrote in “Zombie”
1 of you wrote “Wolfman”
1 of you “the devil”
1 of you “My past mistakes”
1 of you would least like to see your “daughter-in-law”
1 of you your “brother-in-law”
1 of you your “ex-Mother-in-Law”
1 of you most fears “My horrible, scary boss!!!”
1 of you most fears Lindsay Lohan
And one would rather not see “All of the above!”

Finally, I'd like to congratulate the winner
of my comment-to-win giveaway. 

(Drumroll please...)

And the winner
of the signed Holiday Buzz ARC is,
(by random number generator...)

Renee Wilson

Congrats, Renee!

E-mail me your mailing address at:
And I will send the ARC of Holiday Buzz
right out to you.

If you didn't win, fear not. I'll be giving away more signed ARCs (advanced reading copies) throughout November on this blog and other sites. Check my online coffeehouse here for the next chance to win.

Thanks to everyone for having some fun with me during Halloween week. 

To read my new weekly post (post Sandy) on brewing coffee without electricity click here.

See you there!

~ Cleo Coyle, author of 

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