Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Pies and Prejudice Pimping Contest - The Prize? Pie Pop Makers!

That's a mouthful of a title, isn't it?

First of all, I'd like to thank Avery for letting me have her post day to tell you about this super sweet contest.

And now, without further ado, I want to give away SEVEN pie pop makers to celebrate the July 3rd release of PIES AND PREJUDICE:A CHARMED PIE SHOPPE MYSTERY

My sous chef and I have had such a ball using this cute kitchen appliance. It works like a charm too! We've made cherry pie pops, apple pie pops, s'more pie pops, grilled cheese pie pops, shrimp and cream cheese pops - the list goes on and on!

So how can you get one? Easy! Starting today talk up PIES AND PREJUDICE somewhere in cyberspace. I don't care if it's on Twitter, Facbook, Google+, Goodreads, a Listmania List on Amazon, a blog (other than the two where I blog), or a website. Everything's game!

Send a URL of your post to my email and you're entered! You can enter multiple times as long as your post doesn't occur more than once on the same day.

So no purchase necessary my darlings, but if you are so smitten by PIES AND PREJUDICE that you pre-order, I'll be smiling right up until July 3rd!

Happy Pimping! I will email 7 winners on July 1st.

(And in case I haven't enticed you enough, here's the blurb for PIES AND PREJUDICE):

"When the going gets tough, Ella Mae LaFaye bakes pies. So when she catches her husband cheating in New York, she heads back home to Havenwood, Georgia, where she can drown her sorrows in fresh fruit filling and flakey crust. But her pies aren't just delicious. They're having magical effects on the people who eat them--and the public is hungry for more.

Discovering her hidden talent for enchantment, Ella Mae makes her own wish come true by opening the Charmed Pie Shoppe. But with her old nemesis Loralyn Gaynor making trouble, and her old crush Hugh Dylan making nice, she has more than pie on her plate. and when Loralyn's fiancé is found dead--killed with Ella Mae's rolling pin--it'll take all her sweet magic to clear her name."


  1. Ellery Adams has a book out that I believe you cozy mystery fans will enjoy. Pies and Prejudice. Follow Ella Mae LaFaye as she gets to the crust of the matter. Take a short hop over to this blog. What could be sweeter? A chance to win a pie pop appliance.
    On my FB timeline... and here on my blog
    Hmm, "the crust of the matter' that could be a title forthis series of books.

  2. The crust of the matter--that is perfect Mary!

    Ellery, you and your assistant are adorable. We'll spread the word!

  3. What fun! Ellery, you have the cutest sous chef anywhere! I'm going to spread the word about this right now. I know some of our regulars would love one of these. I would! (And yes, I know I'm not eligible -- I may have to spring for one!)

    ~ Krista

  4. I am looking forward to this book. I actually have it pre-ordered already.

    I will be posting about the book on my facebook,

  5. Cute sous chef, Ellery! Love the pie maker. Wonder if it would help with gluten-free crusts. Hmm, must try. Will spread the word now. :)

    ~Avery aka Daryl

  6. PIES AND PREJUDICE is a lovely (and fun) read, Ellery, and I know you'll have a stellar debut with your charming and imaginative new series. I'm rooting for you and will be posting on FB and tweeting this afternoon. Cheers and good luck to everyone entering this fun contest.

    ~ Cleo

  7. That is a cute title, Mary! And thanks for complimenting my sous chef, Krista. She is a sweetheart and the apple of my eye.

    Cleo, you're awesome! I still can't thank you and Krista enough for blurring this book.

    (Nice profile pic too, Cleo!)

  8. Avery, I admit that I haven't tried to make gluten-free crust yet, but I should. I have a good friend who's cutting out gluten nowadays.

  9. Thanks to you too, Lucy! And to Wendy for posting on FB!

  10. I'm looking forward to your new book. I should go and pre-order it now. What a fun contest! So perfect for your book.
    ~Joni Possin

  11. Sounds great! I'm so looking forward to reading your book - and having you as a guest on my blog! :)

  12. Pies and Prejudice. Just got it and can't wait to read it! Pie pops.. cool...

  13. I have mine coming to me on July 3rd... that is when it is released in the Nook. I am sad I have to wait.

  14. Hiya Ellery, well I will start here, Your book Pies and Prejudice is soon to be released and so far I am loving it, it is a fun read and the characters have been a delight to get to know.Everyone who reads this book will be instantly hooked! Once again an amazing book from and amazing author! So come on people if you havent preorders your copy yet, what are you waiting for you will not be disappointed!

  15. It is so hard to wait for a book that has you drooling even before you get to read it. Everything you write is well worth waiting for though, so we raise our hats to you for your great talents and thank you for the opportunity to not only read great books, but make sweet little pies to go along with it. You're the best.

  16. sandydunc66@yahoo.comJune 20, 2012 at 10:25 PM

    Ok I pinned, tweeted and facebooked, but how do I send a url.
    Can't wait for the book to come out.
    I have the mini cupcake maker and can make mini pies in it. Those machines are so much fun.

  17. Pies & Prejudice was AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!