Thursday, November 17, 2011

Easy Turkey Cutlets ala the "Colonel"


When you’re only two for thanksgiving, sometimes it’s hard to talk yourself into cooking a huge turkey. And just cooking a turkey breast doesn’t sound very exciting (and then there’s the worry about it coming out drier than all get-out.)

I’ve been playing with ingredients over the years to try to come up with something that really tastes like Kentucky Fried Chicken recipe. As a late-in-life celiac, there are things I remember. And KFC is one of them. I miss that batter and gooey-goodness!

Well, I think I did it. {I sound like Professor Higgins.} But I’ve been trying and trying. And get this? Adding cheese made the difference. It gave the crust the crunch.


(serves 2-4)

2 1-pound turkey tenders
1/2 cup gluten free rice chex cereal
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese
1 teaspoon salt
1/2 teaspoon white pepper
2 teaspoons Penzey’s Bouquet Garni (or an even mixture of rosemary, basil, thyme)
1 egg
2 tablespoons safflower oil.


Preheat oven 300 degrees.

Mix cereal and Parmesan and spices in a pie tin.

Mix egg by itself in another pie tin.

Take turkey breast tenders, coat with egg, and dip into cereal cheese mixture.

Line a pan with foil. Baste foil with oil.  Lay the tenders side by side on the oil. Pour any extra cereal mixture on top. Cover with foil, tightly.

Bake for 45 minutes without opening the foil. When done, open the foil, raise the temperature to 400 for 10 minutes to brown the upper crust.

Serve piping hot.

Note: This can be used on chicken breasts and/or pork chops, too.




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  1. Only 2 for Thanksgiving... Jackie and I as well this year. BUT, a whole bird for us, smallest one I can find, but just need to make the bird!

    However, I love the sound of this recipe. Was surprised to see that it was baked. Saving this for a different special day!

  2. Dave, I know what you mean. I love turkey and there's something about roast turkey on "the day" that makes it enough. However, a baked cutlet is truly one of the great joys. Moist, tender. I had some for leftover (they were really huge cutlets), so last night (eating for one with hubby on a trip) I chopped up a third of one, added grilled mushrooms, diced asparagus, leftover white rice, spaghetti sauce, onion soup and Parmesan cheese. Can I tell you...instant risotto that was out of this world. So there are many uses for these fun little cutlets.


  3. This sounds terrific, Avery. What a lovely choice for special meal. I'm with Dave -- gotta have that turkey, but I would love to try this sometime. Yum, yum!

    ~ Krista

  4. That beautiful finished photo has my mouth watering, Avery! Wonderful idea to provide a solution for a more intimate turkey day dinner.
    This is certainly a keeper for any time of year. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family. Hard to believe it's only one week away...

    ~ Cleo

  5. Krista, I agree. I love my turkey on turkey day. I also roast turkeys other times of the year because I love it so much. But this is easy, peasy. :)

    Cleo, Thanks. Mouth watering is good. Happy T-day to you, too. A week away? Oh, yipes! I've got to get to the store!!! LOL And make a pie. And a new dessert (a tester), and...


  6. I like turkey cutlets, but the family complains about them being dry. I think this recipe will solve that problem - thanks!

  7. Karen, absolutely. These are so moist they cut with a fork. Enjoy.