Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Fall Pancake Fun from Cleo Coyle

Fall arrives this week*, and it’s brought my appetite! For the first weekend in a long time, Marc and I woke up craving carbs—and our favorite carbo breakfast is pancakes. In our highly populated Queens' neighborhood, pancake houses can look more like mad-houses on a weekend morning. The wait for a table can be as long as an hour. Consequently, I’ve worked on my pancake-making (and flipping) skills. What's that? You want proof? Okay, counselor, here you go, exhibit A is pictured above, a pretty stack of buttermilk cakes like the one, relatively round and even in thickness, with little to no mottling is easy to get if you remember a couple of tips for your batter viscosity, your griddle, and your pour. (I’ve included those tips in my recipe.)
Cleo Coyle, pumpkin eater,
is author of The
Coffeehouse Mysteries

OR…you can forget my from-scratch tips and use the recipe on the Bisquick box. Here’s a fun YouTube video I found online that shares kid-friendly ideas for getting creative with your weekend pancakes. (She’s using Bisquick, fyi...)

Making Kid-Friendly Pancakes

Some cute ideas in
this 3 minute video...


flip with joy. 
~ Cleo

What’s your favorite carbo breakfast? Waffles, pancakes, muffins, cornbread, grits, coffee cake? Let me know in the comments**

* The autumnal equinox officially arrives this Friday at 9:04 AM (Universal Time)  4:04 AM (EST) according to the US Naval Observatory. Do we not love naval astronomers?

** Congrats to Deniece of Loomis, WA, who won my comment-to-win contest on this post.

Basic Buttermilk Pancakes
Blueberry Syrup 

Click here for recipe

Eat with joy!

~ Cleo Coyle, author of 

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  1. I made these pumpkin pancakes back in March, just before leaving for a writers' retreat on the Olympic Peninsula. The orange juice/powdered sugar topping was met with initial skepticism, but everyone loved how the flavor combination!

    Most pancakes leave me feeling pretty ooogy afterward, but these weren't too heavy at all. Two thumbs way up!

  2. Oddly, I have lately been craving fried rice as my carb based breakfast. It is savory, fast when using leftovers, and served nice and hot.


  3. These look *so good.* I'm now completely ready for breakfast. I don't mind a few calories, especially when there's a healthy component to the recipe...which you're got here. Love the use of pumpkin this time of year! Thanks, Cleo.

  4. These pancakes look SOOOO good. I am going to make them for dinner tonight.. yes a breakfast for dinner day!

    So you want to know what my carbo breakfast consists of. Hmmm, well coffee is a must for me. As for food, I like pancakes and cheese stuffed french toast. However the occasional slice of cold pizza is not bad either. Yes I know some think that weird but ...

  5. These pancakes look wonderful! Too bad I don't eat pancake anymore.

    My favorite carbo breakfast was my Granny's pancakes.They were lightest fluffiest best things on a cold Texas (yes it does from time to time get cold in Texas) morning. I've never been able to make them the same way. Of course, it could be just because SHE made them. They are many things that she used to make (including coffee) that just don't taste the same when I make them. Of course she had well water and that made a lot of things taste better, but in the end I really think it was just something about her.

  6. What an adorable pancake face.

    Pancakes are a reminder of my childhood, the special treat my mother whipped up from Bisquick.

    Love your series.

  7. I actually have to watch out for carb, so pancakes are a better (and tasty) choice for me). I love everything about this post, Cleo - thanks for the tips.

  8. Chocolate chip pancakes are my favorite carbo breakfast. Your pancakes look yummy and that Warm Butter Pecan Sauce looks decadent.