Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Former Mystery Bookstore Owner Reviews Murder by Mocha and Its Guinness Mole Mashup

"While I am sure many people will file this as a
cozy, in fact, Cleo writes in a fast paced manor, plenty of action, plenty of suspense and drama and just enough whimsy to lighten the mood. Think early Lawrence Block has coffee
with Donald Westlake and the best of both pops out."

~ Dave Scott,
mystery bookstore owner
turned fervent foodie blogger,
on Murder by Mocha

Many of you already know Dave. He has a passion for cooking, food, and foodie blogging, and he often comments on our posts. But did you know he once owned a mystery bookstore? 

This is just one reason why we are always delighted when Dave takes the time to review our culinary mysteries. Sometimes, if we're lucky, Dave will even whip up a recipe or two from our published books. 

That's what he did yesterday with my new Coffeehouse Mystery MURDER BY MOCHA. That's why I'm interrupting my regularly scheduled post to entice you over to Dave's online Kitchen and check out his fun, funny, and frank review, which includes a review of the book's...



Dave cooks up an adaptation of my original recipe, which blends Mexican, Italian, and Irish flavors. "What?" I hear you gasping. "You cooked a mole mashup?!" Indeed, I did...

My series has always carried the theme of blending, including blending cultures, families, and flavors. The fictional approach itself is a hybrid, and the coffeehouse is named Village Blend.  If you've read Murder by Mocha, you also know that "blending in" is even a key to the murder mystery plot.    

Comment on Dave's Post
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Heads up - Dave is also giving away a copy of my (now official) bestselling hardcover. Read his post to learn the "magic words" you need to say in the comment, and you are entered for his drawing later this week. 

Click here to jump there, 
get the recipe, read the review,
and maybe win a book.  

Have a great time
with Dave!

A few more links "To Go"...

$25.00 Online Bookstore 
Gift Card Contest!

YES! This is a sweet contest for readers. Jump to Fresh Fiction.com's Murder by Mocha contest by CLICKING HERE. Prize package includes $25.00 gift card to your favorite online bookstore. (Entering is free and easy.)

If you missed my Chocolate-Stuffed Peanut Butter Cookies post, this past Sunday, you can get the recipe by clicking here. (I've replied to comments by now and thank you for your patience with me on that!)

The post also tells you about my new audio books, now in production by AudioGo (BBC America Audiobooks) for release to iTunes, audible.com, and other outlets. I'll post more about this again soon.

Finally, if you own Murder by Mocha (or are considering picking it up), I put together a free guide for you on the book's 18 featured recipes, including the No-bake Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites that you see pictured below. 

If you print this PDF document by clicking here, you can then tuck it into your copy of my book and, voila, you have an illustrated recipe section to help you see what the finished recipes should look like...

Click here to download my illustrated
guide to Murder by Mocha's recipe section. 
This doc is a PDF with several color photos, it may take a moment to load.
Please be patient.

One last thing... 

(I know, I said "finally" already, but this really is the last one.) For our mystery lovers, you have got to see these Nancy Drew earrings. They were designed by a frequent follower of this blog...

Pattie Tierney, 
these are fantastic!

To read Pattie's profile and learn how you can get these for your own little lobes, click this link: http://www.etsy.com/people/ptierneydesigns?ref=ls_profile

OK. Now I'm done.

Eat (and read) 
with joy!

~ Cleo Coyle, author of
The Coffeehouse Mysteries

To get more of my recipes,
sign up to win free coffee or
learn more about my two national
bestselling mystery series,
visit my online coffeehouse at...



  1. Have enjoyed all of the series and sure Murder by Mocha will be great. Congratulations on its quick off the mark start.

  2. Replies to...

    @Pegasuslegend (Claudia) - thank YOU for dropping by. I so enjoy your recipes, and it's great to see you in the Kitchen!

    @Liz V - thanks to you, too. Very kind of you to take the time and trouble to comment.

    Cheers to you both!
    ~ Cleo
    Coffeehouse Mystery.com
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  3. Congratulations, Cleo! Woot!

    And...those are some cool earrings!

    Popping over to Dave's...

  4. Oh Cleo thank you so much for the shout out! You know I love reading you all's books!

    But I was waiting for a review of the Mole' and Waffles idea. So good (with your Mole' recipe), it should be sweeping the nation! We are already number 2 on Google Search engine when you hunt for "Mole and waffles", so we can dominate the next foodie trend!

  5. Wow! Never a dull moment in your posts, Cleo! I love the look of those 'dough bites'! Yum. I think I'd like to eat them while wearing Patti's mystery earrings. I'm heading over to Dave's now to see what's happening there.

  6. Oh my! You have woken up my sweet tooth this morning. I must have some of those.

  7. Guinness and mole? Who knew? Although my mother stumbled upon a recipe for lamb basted with coffee (with cream). She made it once, and never again--believe me, you don't want it. This definitely sounds better.

    Great earrings. Is that the 1930's Nancy or the 1950's Nancy or the 1970's Nancy...

  8. Oh my goodness I should have known Cleo was going to have an interesting post :). You had me at the cookies. I love those earrings heading over to Dave's now.

  9. Cleo, loved Dave's post! Loved the mole chicken. I wonder if I could use wheat free beer to get the same effect. Love all your giveaways, your chocolate, and your spirit. And the ND earrings? adorable!


  10. Replies to...

    @Elizabeth - TY and aren't those earrings amazing?!

    @Dave - Only 2nd on the Google search engine. Now I'm curious about what comes up first. I hope it's not a Mole and Waffles House. You could trademark the dish, but I suspect you *might* have trouble finding franchisees.

    ~ Cleo

    More replies to come...

  11. Replies to….

    @MJ – Agreed. Cookie dough bites and Nancy Drew earrings? Priceless.

    @Teresa – I wish I could pass you a cookie via this web site. We have NASA working on a snack transporter. Any day now…

    ~ Cleo

    more replies to come...

  12. Reply to...

    @Sheila – You said: “…my mother stumbled upon a recipe for lamb basted with coffee (with cream). She made it once, and never again--believe me, you don't want it. This definitely sounds better.” Latte-basted lamb is a new one on me. If I put that in a Coffeehouse Mystery, I will definitely thank you (and your mother)! (And I hear you on the many faces of Nancy Drew, one timeless little lady.)

    ~ Cleo

  13. Replies to...

    @Babs – I hope you had fun with Dave! His blog is always a good time; and thanks for dropping by our Kitchen, too, it's always wonderful to see you here, B.

    @Avery – You said, “I wonder if I could use wheat free beer to get the same effect.” I am positive you could. The earthy/malty flavor is what it adds to the mole, and I’m guessing the wheat free product carries those flavor notes.

    Definitely agree on the earrings, too, adorable. Cheers and thank you so much for dropping by today. :)

    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse Mystery.com
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

  14. My next book -- Cleo and Dave Conquer the World! LOL! You two are always ahead of the trends.

    Cleo, that's very high praise from Dave. Gotta love him. And those earrings are darling.

    Congratulations on the success of your book! WOOHOO!

    ~ Krista

  15. This post took me all over, so I got to read Dave's blog post, and then headed to Fresh Fiction to win a prize, and somewhere while I was wandering around saw your recipe for Milk Dud Thumbprints. Oh, I have to make some of these! Thanks for the sweet mention of my earrings. I'm so glad you like them.