Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Vidalia Onion Dip


First of all, thanks to Dave at My Year on The Grill for featuring a finger lickin’ good review of both my new release, Finger Lickin’ Dead, and my peach cobbler recipe! Thanks Dave!

One fun thing about summer is the catching-up I get to do. You know how the fall and spring can be—always so busy! So it’s fun to actually hang out and really visit with friends—at the pool, cookouts, and little get-togethers.

Usually, to make things easy, we all bring a little something to eat and share with others. Of course, there are always a ton of dips at these gatherings—which is great for me, because I love them! But the dip that I frequently bring is a little bit different from some of the others…and everyone seems to really enjoy it.

It’s also a featured recipe in Finger Lickin’ Dead. :) Because Lulu likes quick and easy almost as much as I do.

Vidalias are a favorite onion of mine—sweet and Southern. But any sweet onion will do. Soak them as long as you can because it really does bring out the sweetness and flavor in this dip.


Lulu’s Vidalia Onion Dip

5 or 6 sliced Vidalia onions
¾ cup sugar
¾ cup vinegar
2 cups water
½ cup mayonnaise
1 teaspoon celery seed

Thinly slice the onions and soak them for 2 to 4 hours in the vinegar, sugar, and water. Drain well. Toss onions with mayonnaise and celery seed. Serve on crackers.

Another oven-free recipe! :) (Fingers crossed these 100 degree days will end soon!)

Delicious and Suspicious (Riley Adams)
Finger Lickin’ Dead—June 7 (book 2 of the Memphis BBQ series!) It’s here!
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  1. All for oven free. Thanks.

  2. Great recipe, Elizabeth. I love the easy ones and it being oven-free is even better!

  3. I think our weather is a couple of days ahead of yours... we are in the 80's, low humidity and loving summer (today... who knows what tomorrow will bring)

    Thanks for the shout out... so... when's book three coming (never enough for fans)???

    My wife is one of those oddities that likes mayo on hamburgers. Now that I see the photo, with big onion pieces in place of my imagined minced onions, I think this may show up on my weekend burgers.

    So, I ask this question of Aavery, who gets to write off cheese from her taxes... Do you write off trips to Graceland???

    What a life!

  4. Liz--Me too! In fact, I'm trying to figure out how NOT to use the oven for supper, since I think this is the last scorcher for us today. :)

    Julie--Easy and just a handle of ingredients!

    Dave--Well...I did! Ha! I wrote off the parking (because you have to pay through the nose for parking there) and the price of admission. :)

    Book 3 is "Hickory Smoked Homicide" and is a November 1 release! :)

    My hubby likes mayo on hamburgers, too. Hmm. Your wife isn't from Alabama is she? And--this would be awesome on burgers.

  5. Riley/Elizabeth - Marc and I are now making your Pimento Cheese on a regular basis. It is, in a word, AWESOME.

    This recipe looks equally delicious, and we can't wait to try it! Thank you (and Lulu) so much for sharing your "South in the Mouth" ideas. :)

    ~ Cleo Coffeehouse
    Cleo Coyle on Twitter

    P.S. Thank you for giving us the link to Dave's post. His review of your new mystery and his post on your tasty Peach Cobbler recipe (from FINGER LICKIN' DEAD) are well worth a quick jump over to his blog. Cheers!

  6. Elizabeth, this dip sounds wonderful & refreshing, esp. with the 100+ degrees scorching temps we've had lately! Been getting a bit of rain the past 2 nights and expect more, so things have cooled off a bit in my kitchen!

    Just popped over to Dave's blog and left a comment on his nice review of FINGER LICKIN' DEAD. I'm looking forward to trying your version of peach cobbler on one of our cooler evenings, as soon as I get more peaches, as I'm down to 2 small ones, but they sure have been tasty this season!

    Oh, and I love Dave's idea of using the dip to top burgers! DH & I like mustard on the bottom bun and mayo on the top, with the cool veggies like lettuce, tomatoes and jalapenos.

    Can't wait for my copy of your book to arrive!

  7. Tried to respond but post went who knows where.

    No oven to me means no stove/grill, which leaves me w/ salads. But not others! Checked out "no cook recipes". Lots, such as --

    Clearly cooking in there somewhere but ...

  8. I love Vidalias and although they're not that easy to find here, I think this will be worth it (and I too appreciate oven-free)

  9. I had the same problem as Liz, but here goes again. I really appreciate oven free and I will go hunting for Vidalias (love 'em but they're not everywhere up here). This looks very tasty and different.

  10. Cleo--So glad you've enjoyed the pimento cheese! It's really my favorite sandwich spread...I can't imagine how many pimento cheese sandwiches I've eaten over my lifetime (probably shouldn't count them up--it would be a frightening number! Ha!)

    Lynn--We had a storm last night which I thought might cool us down a little...maybe tomorrow!

    Thanks for going by Dave's blog!

    The peaches *were* good this season, weren't they? I was a little worried about a couple of cold snaps we had, but it seems like everything was okay!

    You know how to make burgers, Lynn! Love the way you dress them up.

    Liz--Oh good! Thank you! Because there's only so much salad we'll eat over here. :) And Real Simple is based in Birmingham, AL (my home for 7 years), so those folks know hot!

    Mary Jane--I'm impressed you can get Vidalia onions at all! Cool! Who'd have thought they'd make their way up to Canada?

  11. E - love the recipe. The dip. Yum!

    And Dave's blog about the crescent rolls, what fun!